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Deathknight armor

When are the consoles going to get the deathknight armor

Once there is a new Lich King!

… In all seriousness @Nex or @Mr.Strange would be the best ones to answer this.

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i have 2 Guildmembers with that Armor (PS4)

Really it’s not showing up on my shop for the Xbox one

What are the stats on it exactly?

Edit: and cost?

I’m on ps4 in Australia and its not in my store.

It’s in the North American store.

You gain 100% bonus to gold, souls, and XP.

I’m in North America and its not showing up in my shop

US, Canada, or Mexico?

100% on everything, so slightly better than the top 2 armors currently in the game. Have a feeling I don’t want to know the cost

$50. Same as the Shadow armor package actually though I’d say the extras in the Deathknighr package are superior as well.

yeah blue color never saw that Armor before it must be Deathknight

I’m not familiar with the shadow armour either.

$50, no point saying what I think of that. One positive thing about it is that it’s something actually worth buying, nothing else in the store justifies real money

That’s definitely in the store if you want to look at it. It was a console only armor that was the highest of the exclusives though the bonuses were still less than Dragon and Celestial armors.

good iam 1000 next Week so who cares if 50 or 100% exp :smiley:

Cause nothing else offers 100% to gold and souls at the same time.

dont need Souls all Hero Classes are already Level 20 and still 50000 left + Copies but if i would be Level 100-200 i would buy it :smiley:

Had a look. Is it the savage armour? €50, why, oh why, would anyone.

For me it’s called Shadow Armor and well when the game started, if you wanted the biggest boost from the get go, that was it.

I’m in the US