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Will DeathKnight armor be purchasable with gems?

I just saw the new DeathKnight armor in the special pack in the store. It’s not available any other way right now. I’m wondering if we will be able to purchase it with gems (like all the other armors) sometime in the future.

No plans for that at the moment, sorry.

@Sirrian and @Nimhain have said that there are no plans for that at the moment. Would be nice for it to eventually be available though.

Bought it without hesitation. I figured after a year of not giving them anything it was time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still like the look of Dragon Armor more though.


Buy me one! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I want this armor

Wish it was possible to disenchant (or sell) the old armor back for gems. Dragon and Celestial armor become useless if you buy the DeathKnight armor.


I’ll pass this on to the team.


If that becomes an option, I’d entertain the idea of dropping $50 more than I am now.

How long will it be available in the store?

Not to hijack this thread, but I have Steam credit and Google Play credit. Anything you guys could do for me so I can spend both of them on a single purchase, like Deathknight armor?

One -Mr.Sammy- in Dreathknight armor.
I agree with @Tacet, the dragon armor looks better.


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I too would like to know this. I will save up for it…

Permanently I believe at the moment.

Any update to share on this?

This made me chuckle.

“It will be there forever! For now.”

I know what you meant, that currently the deal doesn’t have an expiration date. But the way you said it was unintentionally amusing.


i wish that there was a cheaper option. i just cannot justify 50 bucks, but the armor alone for 5… now that i would jump on.


I aim to be both informative and entertaining. :wink:


I think more players would shell out the 50€ for the armor and keys when the old armors would be sellable for gems or comvertable to gem keys.

thats my 50c or 50€, depends on you :wink:

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The $50 pack contains:
200 gems
40 gold keys
30 glory keys
20 gem keys
10 event keys

Lets convert that to gems
200 gems
40 gold keys -> 12000 gold -> 96 gems
30 glory keys -> 600 glory -> 960 souls -> 96 gems
20 gem keys -> 95x2 = 190 gems
10 event keys -> 143 gems

200 + 96 + 96 + 190 + 143 = 725 gems

With no VIP bonus, you can get 650 gems for $50. At VIP 3 that is up to 747 or so. Which means all told, bang for buck, the armor is pretty much a free bonus when buying the pack.


I’m not sure where you’re getting these conversions to gems… they’re inconsistent with what I see in the Shop.

King’s Ransom: 15000 gold for 130 gems is the closest ratio for 12,000 gold. So, 130 * 12,000 / 15,000 = 104 gems.

Urn of Souls: 750 Souls for 140 gems is the closest ratio for 960 souls. So, 140 * 960 / 750 = 179.2 gems.

Are you getting the conversions from elsewhere? Or… are your shop prices different than mine?

maybe they are grouping both gem purchases into 1, instead of 2 separate ones.