Anniversary month,players win,u win,everybody is happy,it's simple,just really 50% off!

deathknight pack 50$,almost 2 good good games.
vip5 150$,4 AAA games

maybe really 50% off is better,25$ 75$,3rd anniversary,old active players is the most,some like myfriends will purchase,and they will play for a long time,good?

The current packages are priced appropriately, I see no reason to change it at all. If you want a higher VIP level then support the devs. This game gives away a lot for a free to play game.

Remember players need to spend money to keep the lights on and the devs gotta eat too.


yes,but u know what,a friend said:how to sell goods?let them feel happy or good(worthy),think a offer is a opportunity,not just list items and tell all days games often does this wrong actions,always off means nothing,why dont we make really 50% off? after all this game runs 3 years.

"This game gives away a lot for a free to play game."that’s why this game runs 3 years and still have 50k active players.

50% off is probably the only time when i actually will buy that deathknght pack, just too expensive for me now :frowning:

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I bought Deathknight after I got a new job and haven’t regretted it at all.
It’s definitely worth it at the price it is in my opinion.
Anything less is daylight robbery.

However some of the other things I feel are a tad steep and the VIP rewards aren’t really worth it for the most part.

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It was a big purchase for me too, but I ask you this:
Have you spent more than 50 hours on this game?
Then you have earned a similar amount of entertainment from it then you would have a standard AAA game with a set story.
And if you are like me, you have probably spent FAR more than 50 hours on GoW.

The DK Armor is totally worth it and the $50 is more than an adequate “donation” given the amount of entertainment you’ve gotten.

That was my thinking that finally convinced me to take the plunge, and I can honestly say I’ve never regretted it. :wink:

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I hear you on this.

I give myself a small budget for gaming since I have a few other expensive hobbies already. So, I really couldn’t justify buying game armor for 50$ to myself. :rofl:

However, if you play on Steam, you can save the 50$ in increments. So, I put 10$ a week into my Steam wallet. That way, it only took a little over a month to reach the 50$ needed to buy the armor. It is a purchase I don’t regret unlike some 60$ games I’ve purchased in the past.

That said, I don’t find the other high dollar purchases in the shop worth it. I think they would make far more money if they separated the wheat from the chaff. If I need Shield stones, I don’t want other stones, keys or souls inflating the price.

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I did not think about this.

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in the past i would, but last few months i merely spend few minutes/day on it. so if i just wanted to “thank” the devs i should actually not buy it even if it was 50% diascount (i cant play the game, card stats are too small!)

but anyway that price is for me a choice between buying shoes for winter (i havent bought one in like 10 years) or the armor, and so you know the shoes (etc) win :confused:

my budget for gaming would be this per 2 months or something, not per a week - including other gaming hobbies
and none of it i spend on steam
whatever gow did they didnt earn my trust or gratitude enough to “accumulate” that into steam in order to spend it later on gow, and i have no interest in spending on anything else in steam so to me the money put in steam would be basically wasted

im actually still struggling to not let myself get filled with anger and resentment towards devs for destroying my favorite long term game (which was like a safe haven for me before)


I cannot agree that the real money packages are priced appropriately.

I am VIP 2 from two $5 15 gem per day purchases in the early days. That was a nice, small, incremental buy.

Now that I am level 1000something, none of the low cost packages would actually give me any real benefit. I don’t believe a casual game justifies ephemeral goods priced nearly like full AAA games. $50 is too much for a single purchase in my opinion, for path to glory II, which is the only really useful thing available.

I would be happy to support the devs with something a little more incremental. Marvel Puzzle Quest, from which I am a refugee, had a nice model. They called it their VIP program, but for $10 every month or so, you could get some small benefits every day. It was not such a huge investment as $50 for Path To Glory II in GoW (no one thinks that is really $250, right?).

I could support the devs, and treat it almost like a subscription fee.

I would support the GoW devs if they offered something similar, where the rewards were enough to be felt, even if not earth shattering. Right now, all the real money packages offer very little value in my opinion.

. . .

The thesis that hours of play should equate to how much we are willing to pay is not a valid argument in my mind, by the way. The reason is, this is a very casual game. 50 hours of play is not 50 hours of novel experiences, different levels and environments, different puzzles. It is the same procedurally generated match three game over and over again.

Which is what we like, sure, but it is not a wide variety of content. The devs are not doing programming and artwork effort in proportion to the hours of play.

I’m sorry to hear you feel like this since you’ve always been one of the more passionate regulars. But, I understand the sentiment. I’ve had my moment of feeling that way in the past. I hope the UI readability issues you have with the game get fixed soon (for all our sakes).