Deathknight Armor Bundle Retiring in 6.1 Update

Hello Adventurers,

We wanted to let you know about some changes coming in the Shop in the next Update. As part of the 6.1 Update, the current Deathknight Armor bundle is being retired.

However if you don’t yet own the Deathknight Armor, fear not. We have new bundle with the Deathknight Armor coming at a different price point and new set of rewards to go along with it.

Can I purchase the new offer if I already own Deathknight Armor?
Yes, players can see and purchase the new bundle, however you will not receive a second copy of the Deathknight Armor.

Why is the bundle changing?
The current Deathknight Armor bundle has been in the game for almost 7 years now. Like the changes we’ve made to the weekly Kingdom and Legendary Bundles, we felt that it would be good to refresh this bundle and offer it under a lower price point.


Lovely… so what about those that purchased it at the massive over priced version???

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wouldnt that have been that player choice? Even if it is overprice, they buy it as they think it is appropriate right? If they think it is not, like me, they wouldnt have bought it.


Yes I guess so. Still a kick in the teeth lol

Depends how cheap the new price is though…


Well, buying something also involves taking into consideration that the price tag may change, even just temporarily due to special offers. They seem to have announced this change well ahead, so whoever doesn’t own the armor yet and is willing to wait can purchase it for less. Those in a hurry or those who already own it get to benefit from the boosts instead. Feels good to me.

It would be interesting to know what the new bundle contains, to help players decide whether to purchase now or later.


I bought this in your shop yesterday. Today you’re offering it at a Sale price. Can I get my money back…? :roll_eyes:

PS all those who have already bought it have been getting the bonuses from it for however long they’ve had it, so unless you want the Devs to reverse all those…


Whatever. Still a bummer

Starting to wonder if the devs of GoW know the devs of both Lies of Astaroth and FH5 …

Well we have noticed that your focus in on the money making part of the game. And completely ignore what players ask for - this post is an excellent example.

But if you want people to spend money on your game, it will be an amazing idea to FIX ALL THE BUG you have been creating for months.

That advice is for free.


Ok, the advice is still a good one :grin: and free :innocent:
But after reading your post, I am more optimistic - you are listening- now we look forward to get the bugs fixed too .

As someone that is currently using the Deathknight armour, I can say that this doesn’t phase me. I bought it so long ago that I don’t even remember how much it is right now. lol


I never bought it and now I’m over level 1700. I’d consider buying it for gems; not real money at this point.


On a side note: IF you are reviewing current package prices… PLEASE re-price the Nysha Medal one £39.99 ???


Welllll, theoretically, after 7 years, if we buy it today, we all have a “reduction” of roughly 15% on the price. Why? The price of the armor was never adapted to inflation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Wonder what the exact plan is though.

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Yes, I’m curious about this as well. I’d purchased a weapon I owned for the contents of the bundle once. :thinking:

Well, considering I purchased it 3 1/2 years ago, I’d say that even if they offered it tomorrow for $25 with even more stuff with it, and I paid $50 for just it alone, I’ve also gotten 3 1/2 years out of it.

Now, someone who JUST bought it last week? I mean… kind of sucks for them, but, you know, that happens?


This isn’t so bad for people who bought it already.

Just think about the guy who paid bitcoin for pizza several years ago.


Is there anything other than DK armour in the bundle currently? :thinking: I can’t check, I already have it. But it sounds like anyone thinking of buying it should wait if it will indeed be at a lower price point :slight_smile:

That said, from the spoilers:

DKBUNDLE_HELP → The best Armor bonuses in the game, plus Gold, Souls, and War Coins.
This could mean it will be the same price (or even higher?) but just have a bunch of other things thrown in so you will be getting more resources.
Obligatory spoiler warning: don’t take this for granted, it can all change before release etc.

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Also, I would advise you to stay clear of any retail experiences ever. That 45" 4k TV you bought for $500 3 years ago? You can get a 55" 4k for $400 now. For $500, you can get a 65" 4k.

You wouldn’t believe it, but in the real world, prices of older things actually go down as newer things that replace them become available. People who paid for the “massive over priced version” don’t get refunds or what have you, because they’ve been using the product for that long.

I mean, I bought my Pixel 6 Pro the day it came out on Oct 28th. I probably could have waited for Cyber Monday and gotten a discount. But uh, then I would have had to wait a month, you know? So the $100 I could have saved is basically the cost for me getting it a month “earlier.”



DK user as well. I’m cool with this. Remember, the value you get out of the armor is also equal to the time spent wearing it.