[Note a Bug] Maze Banner Bug

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected maze banner to be +2 green +2red and -1purple
what i got was +2green +1red and -1purple

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
this happens every time and we were told what was expected to happen was working as intended.

Steps to make it happen again
Make any team and use Maze Banner with them


As it was previously announced that +2/+2/-1 was working as intended, this surely is a bug.

Please fix.

I guess we’ll get to hear some things about balancing… It wasn’t an issue before and won’t be if one banner is different.

Come on, don’t always screw players over.


Ninja changes like this made when 4 events are happening on top of bugs that still aren’t fixed shows how anti consumer your company has become.

You have time you change this:

But lack the time/intelligence to fix stuff like this:

Or… Your company was bought by Elon Musk and now you’re just trolling us by changing the good things in the game and none of the bad.


I know it’s a cliche to play this card but how official was that statement?

How official?

If you can’t trust the words that come out of the (at the time) Gems of War community manager’s mouth, who are you supposed to trust from their dev team at any point?

I’m all for the banner change, but I’m not for how they handled the entire situation.

  1. Release content that looks like a bug (Ace of Wands from the current Kingdom Pass)
  2. Completely ignore forum bug reports about it
  3. Answer said question of it being a bug or not on Twitch and not on the forums where bug reports go
  4. Left it alone for nearly 2 years
  5. Finally fixed it without mentioning it in the patch notes.

Can we get a response @Kafka ?

Yup. At which time I wasn’t even on these forums to know any official statement at all.

Hey everyone,

None of the banners in Gems of War are intended to give 2x ++ bonuses, only 1 at this stage. So this was a bug that was fixed.

Sorry about the lack of communication on this one. We’ve spoken with the team about it.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Then why was it earlier stated that this was designed this way? I mean - this seems like double speak. Some of us built our teams around this for a year!

I really am beginning to wonder if you think we’re all 10 year olds…


Now you are doing it again. Don’t say things like that, or they will come up again to haunt you, when development decides, that it was working as intended in the first place and change it back.

Rule 1: You are always right
Rule 2: If you change your opinion, you are even more right than before
[advice to the GM in the RPG Paranoia]

Additionally, where was it stated to be designed this way?

The only source I’ve seen so far is a link to some YouTube video containing a comment posted during a livestream. Yeah. Kind of the least credible way to describe what is ostensibly the most credible claim.

On this forum, 2 years ago, when the bug report about the banner was marked as [not a bug]


“Note” a bug?

Yeah, noted.

Also noted more lies. But at this point we don’t expect anything else.

Don’t you think that’s sad?

We lost all trust in whatever you say. It should not be that way but here we are.


So, multiple people asking about it over the years, official statement during a stream about it + yearlong “do-nothing-about-it” -mentality still wasn’t/isn’t enough?

Too much to ask to be informed properly. As long as the official “newsposters” (not just lately) post stuff including misinformation on numerous occasions, what do we even expect anymore?
Just to clarify: Obbviously all “honest mistakes” (and mosdef no straight up lies!!!1, nonono). Followed by some “Sorry my bad.” - awesome! No guarantees on anything.


Technically, I’ve found a few threads marked “[Not A Bug]” and one thread marked “[NOT A BUG]”, so some tags are not official and/or the tags are not consistent.

I mean scroll up a bit further in that thread and you’ll see the OP admits they will edit the title themselves. And given a warning by Fourdottwoone to the possible consequences.
Seems @Fourdottwoone is a prophet :joy:

It was also ignored for 2 years, seemingly confirmed on stream that it was meant to be that way… They can never admit they’re wrong.

Had they said “oh, thanks for the catch, that was a mistake” 2 years ago, nine of this would have happened.

It would even have been less of an issue had they not stealth fixed it.

Did they think we would not notice after using the banner for years?


blablabla, like always. you do everything right now to make your players angry, right?

You know, I’m glad to be hearing this perspective from someone who wasn’t around when Gems of Streaming was happening –

That’s exactly what the gist of what quite a few forum members were saying with regards to official information and responses being addressed in a stream and nowhere else – i.e. it was inadequate and inappropriate ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

But hey, that’s the way it was, that’s what they had time for, and so the fact that the recording of one of the live streams is the most relevant source isn’t that strange, given the context.


And just for future context. The devs PURPOSELY skipping over the Maze banner bug report for 2 years is actually an answer to the report. And not just an “oops we missed it until now.”

That being said. Players should NEVER be editing the title of bug reports. Since that is the devs way of tracking what bugs have been addressed and what haven’t. Players can confuse the devs by mislabeling the threads. And if a dev who has had their coffee and only working 2 days that week makes mistakes. Imagine how often confused devs make mistakes.

Now that they have gone to the trouble of “fixing” maze banner into a +2, +1, -1 banner like the rest. Look forward to +2, +2, -1 banner being monetized or trapped behind a time gap pay wall.

“This is the way.”