[Not a Bug] Stealth change to Maze banner

Maze banner which was previously +2 red +2 green and -1 purple is now only +2 green +1 red -1 purple. Devs previously stated long ago when this banner was first introduced that it was working as intended, therefore an unannounced change must be a bug?


Awww, come on! Uncool, devs. Uncool! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


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Dear Devs, your actions are kinda really (I don’t know know to express myself in a more delicate way not to touch your feelings) from down-under crossed with above lower in between without deeply high.

Hopefully that makes sense, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


just for reference: [NOT A BUG] New faction will introduce inconsistent banner


Thanks I was hoping someone with better search skill than I would dredge that up :slight_smile:

RIP our beloved Maze banner.

Not very happy with this stealth fix. They let us use this banner for almost two years in impression that the banner was intended to be like it is, and now this. Like… come on? For real?


I’m just waiting for the moment they’ll blame Saltypatra for the misinformation that happened long ago.
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I am actually fine with this.

EVERY other banner has a net +2 Mana bonus (+1/+1, +2, or +2/+1/-1) so to introduce even one kingdom breaking this design rule was an objective power creep and an “if it happens once it can happen again” problem. Consider that If either Werewoods or Wild Court had a +2/+2/-1 type banner then the other one would literally never get used – heck, even now there is barely any incentive to use +1/+1 or +2 banners in most cases, and if you’re running a limited color team the Maze banner could still be objectively superior to every other Red/Green banner available.

Now if it was intended to be the start of a new design pattern I could see it working if, for example, Purple was a -2 modifier instead of -1 (THAT could be a useful design tweak!) or if other banners would get incremented to a net +3 mana bonus to match (but that would cause more trouble than it was worth and only confirm the presence of power creep in banner colors).

In the end, I guess the only takeaway is to remember that just because something is ruled “not a bug” now doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t later reverse the decision. Remember what they said about Cursed Gnomes dropping Vault Keys during a Gnome weekend? (To compare a legal term, “Stare Decisis” is theirs to interpret.)


It was my favorite banner. :sob: I used it with Phoenicia for fast explore.


I think, we should finally stop assuming, that anyone knows, what the developers do intend, what they regard as a bug, and what is planned to be fixed or not (hallo, random defense knight).

The Oracle of Delphi was a priestess, the Pythia, seated on a volcanic gap, mumbling and screeching incomprehensible words under the influence of the toxic fumes. Other priests were responsible for translating this into actual prophecies, if possible in a wording, that was open for any possible interpretation and could be aplied to whatever result came to pass.

I leave it to you to apply this to the relationship of development team and forum/chat officials.


I’m also fine with this, but the lack of communication…


Hey everyone,

None of the banners in Gems of War are intended to give 2x ++ bonuses, only 1 at this stage. So this was a bug that was fixed.

Sorry about the lack of communication on this one. We’ve spoken with the team about it.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Appreciate the clarification, but why was this marked as not being a bug when first reported, only to be changed far after the fact?


Kind of like how Burning Ocularen managed to launch while not matching either of its own Faction colors?

Asking this rhetorically but:
How do new-content bugs, that literally any new user can spot immediately, manage to survive going through the dev pipeline without somebody on the team spotting it when it’s easier to fix?

This is how people get trust issues with videogame publishing.


Can’t blame the developers on this one. They are not familiar with the game and its mechanics. They do not play it. Smartest choice, maybe.

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But the initial time this was posted the Devs made it not a bug,now it’s been changed to not a bug cause it was a bug.so lies lies lies yet again. Is there something in the Gem of War Dev handbook that says you can never ever be honest with players because it’s starting to be impossible to trust anything that comes from you guys now.

Kinda like how dungeons were 100% random until we figured out they weren’t. Or like the (lack of) Weaver in green chests. I could go on but the mere fact that I could speaks volumes doesn’t it?


So it was not a bug when first reported, and now it was unintentional? So a bug?

Can you stop trying to bend reality and pretend it was always intended to be that way?

Would it have hurt you to leave the banner alone after insisting that it was a design choice 2 years ago? No, it would not have.

But this hurts you, too, as it’s another incident that destroys player trust.

I suppose you’re trying to slow Phoenicia teams down as heaven forbid that we aren’t glued to GoW 24/7 or get adventure board done 20 seconds faster.


please Gary inform devs about upcoming Dark Forest Troll, sure his colors are also intended…or they will change it in last minute like Burning Ocularen

stealthy nerf…good job devs

So when we were told it was “Working as intended”, was that a mistake or a deliberate lie?