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Not sure if supposed to have this today

Topic spelling was intentional. Just got A Drifting Sands troop before the kingdom went live. Was that supposed to happen?

EDIT: I can also seem to use her. Visible in my troop list and the crafting screen works.

Congrats. Guess you got the after midnight release early.

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Not exactly. Drifting Sands doesn’t come up when I sort. I’m getting the troops now; that one dropped 2 hours ago and I got the Roc not long after.

Enjoy it. Maybe you’ll pull Marid.

Pulled this instead


I think I’m the first documented console player with Maw.

Nice congrats

Mind you, the kingdom isn’t even OUT yet.

Yeah I always get new troops from chest the day before a new event starts.
Got roc and ifrit this morning before work

Well, thats odd, but congrats anyway PowerPlay. Drifting Sands is a cool kingdom, you guys at consoles will enjoy it a lot. :smiley:

For us, it’s excitement and joy. But for you, it was Tuesday.


The Day The Worm Came.

Brace yourselves, Console.


There’s no Mercy yet so it’s not a big deal.

(So he says as he broke out the Maw on PC and completely made his efficient well functioned team a complete color mess and managed to make Queen Mab and all her might the backup plan while winning quicker and easier than ever. Squib Mercy. Who needs her anyway.)

Mab makes a great backup plan! Especially for Jarl/Venoxia/Celestasia, because her freezing the enemy makes misfires much less frustrating.

I can use Psion as a backup til the Queen comes. Or Bat if I get it fully traited.

Oh and to which… Yay to finally have something before it got nerfed to oblivion. Poor Dust Devil though.

Pretty sure Great Maw ate the nerf bat.

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Haven’t noticed and I’m loving it. Yeah yeah. I’ve been converted. And it’s not like the Maw survived every fight which makes it more fun.

With the Nerf to dust devil. Is he worth traiting?

Empowered. Always worth it.