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Finaly did it 250 wins priest class

Whew was so happy had to share


Congrats Ricky :smiley_cat:


Nice! I really like that class :sunglasses:

Congrats!! That is quite an accomplishment :slight_smile:

Very nice @Rickygervais!

I just got my Knight’s 250 weapon myself, but you beat me :wink:

Thanks guys and girl this weapon is very nice i don’t regret my choice

You combine it with jarl and its freaking strong jarl get +2 health on x4 gems and hero cure and give +17 health to everyone i finish almoat every match over 100 health lol can’t wait to get hero final trait (+2 regen every turn)

The Great Maw will love you.

Dont know maw what she does?

I will let her describe herself.

Behold! The Great Maw!

Holy **** is it 100% devour?

We gonna see it soon? I guess i will change my team when she come out

Her once per match effect? Yes. (That includes if you have more than 1 on your team. You can only use it once.)


Look at trait 3. 15% chance to devour on skull hit. And now you see why people have been stockpiling glory for Arcane Mountain Traitstones.

She will be available when Drifting Sands kingdom is unlocked. Perhaps as early as Tuesday.

Ok so she can devour more then one time? This is crazy

Only if fully traited and she gets it off a skull match.

Well that suck i only got 11 arcane mountain

Might I suggest looking at the Coming Soon to a Console near you thread and seeing which troop is due to be our next Event Troop.

Probably not this Tuesday, but next Tuesday. We already know that Gob Chopper will be out in a few days he’s from Broken Spire not Drifting sands. So far the event seems to match the featured troop. Still get that Glory ready.

Unlocking the kingdom has nothing to do with the event. There was something in the way Nex said things in the patch thread that made it sound like Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands would be unlocked at the same time (which was how it was done on the PC.)

Nothing saying they can’t be unlocked except for their event troops while we’re in Broken Spire.

Well the troop we see in the show all section?? Some are from drifting sand or the other ?? I got the feeling we will see them tuesday


Ifrit would be the only one if you bought him from a few weeks back and you wouldn’t need show all to see him in that case.

The 4 hidden ones are:

Sacrificial Priest (Karakoth)
Nobend Brothers (Zaejin)
Marilith and Naga Queen (both Mist of Scales)

In theory they don’t have to coincide. But if you think back over that last few months we are 3 for 3 or 100% with the featured troop matching the newly released Kingdom. And we are also 100% with the troop being part of the kingdom event during off weeks.

I missed where Nex wrote about BOTH new Kingdoms unlocking on the 5th of July with Gob Chomper. If it happens that’s fine, I have a some keys saved up ready to go.