Next weeks Console event

Please discontinue all future weekly event stone gathering exclusively in PvP only on console until you patch the game or just make it kill Justice and Queen Mab.

PvP only event stone collection in the current environment is ridiculous.


But I set up four giants , oh wait, I’m on PS4


It is definitely feeling slower this week and I don’t think I’ll be able to complete the event in a reasonable amount of PVP time. I set-up 4 giants too, but I’m not seeing many that have. Mostly, I’m feeling lucky to find an occasional Jarl or Jotnar in a mixed team.

I’m surprised more people aren’t putting Dragon Cruncher or Desert Troll in front of their Valk/Justice/Mab teams, but changing that troop might be too much trouble for them…


They started appearing last night on ps4 in pvp and gw. 50% justice 25% dragon varient 25% buffed troops is what I’m seeing.

Assuming we get the same event as PC/Mobile got, next week will be get a single point per PVP no matter what you fight. So that will just require 120 fights outside of GW to finish. That is doable for a lot of people and doesn’t require any help from friendly players helping each other out.

The following week shouldn’t be a problem to find orcs in either PVP or explore.

Edit: I think I might have had the numbers backwards. It sounds like it will be 250 required at maximum 1 per battle, which is just too much relative to other events. I wish Ashtender could display the number of points required in the event archive, since there is no source we can consult outside of the game itself during the relevant week.

Try casual pvp, maybe you’ll catch a bug too, i found 5 in my first 2.

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Good idea. I always forget about casual! (though I’m usually also trying to grind out enough seals and doing ranked really helps there.)

Yeah that’s how I got the 30 Gems reward. Before stopping

Finished - few teams to begin with - all top guilds just stick 1 giant in front of the cycle trio or the famine trio. Cheap as ever.

I usually do the weekly but not this week after 2 days of trying I have less then 7 giants killed and I’ve fought over 50 battles. No way I’m ever grinding this out. Please never do this type of pvp for a weekly again.


The beauty of doing it on casual is it only costs 50 gold to refresh the teams. Just keep refreshing till you find a team of 3 or 4 snot gems.

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They are tough to beat quickly though unless you use a sacrifice speed team

I spammed 1-trophies with bombots. Had it done in a couple days, and I don’t even play that much. Maybe I just got lucky draws.


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I did it the first day in normal pvp but it’s only cause i play too much :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t do that at higher levels. You’d need 4 bombots to wipe some of the teams I’ve faced for one trophy fights.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot fortune: Can I get this week’s event done on time?

:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

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@discobot fortune: How about next week? 150 PVP battles sounds like a lot…

:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now