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I need Moloch! Somebody help a brother out

I’ve been sitting at 4 stars on Whitehelm for over a month. Why won’t the RNG give me Moloch? Who do I have to sacrifice?

Sacrifice the almighty BlackRhino.

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I have 4 copies of Moloch, but I still have yet to get a single Orion, Keeper of Souls, or Hydra…

No Hydra but Orion and KoS were my first 2 legendaries.

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I was over 900 before I got KoS. Be patient.


I was around 600 before I got my first Maw.

Nerfed before I had a chance to use it properly!

If By “nerf” you mean “made just as strong as before but less RNG-dependent,” I concur. Maw’s much less frustrating on defense and at least as strong on offense (now that Impervious troops are ubiquitous).


Same here. ROFL

Still no Maw for me :stuck_out_tongue: i’m missing three mythics, one or two imps and four or five kingdom legendaries (maw, silent one, sylvanimora and behemoth is what I remember)

Did you try getting Maw or Sylvanimora during their kingdoms event week?

I’m now missing - sand cobra!

Haha wouldn’t pay the glory for it so waiting for it to be dropped into gold chests.

No, I was missing too many cards during maw to bother with the increased cost, and I deemed sylvanimora not important enough. Gems are relatively rare for a serious casual player (still a 150 per week from the guild mostly), so I prefer gem keys atm.

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I moved to mobile after starting on console and missed the Maw event. I did purchase up a mythic Dragon Cruncher though. :open_mouth:

My first legendary was Maw… man, he was sooo sweet for questing. Oh, one big bad troop with three paupers supporting him? CRUNCH Victory!

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