Moloch - need help on rating him


Just got this Legendary, however, I have no clue if he is good, great or average?



If Consoles still have Moloch as before the last buff he got, I wouldn’t do much with him. However, the buff in question is rather nice - adds bonus true damage equal to half the mana drained. So you can hit for quite a lot with him, once that comes through. I assume it hasn’t.


So what you are saying he will be great when he get that buff? How much extra damage does he do, tho?


… equal to half the mana drained. So if they have 14 they will take another 7.


Nice, who do you companies Moloch with?


I honestly don’t know.

Hes tough to work with because there are so few true damage troops around and a lot of them clash. Shadow Dragon, for instance, not only uses yellows like Moloch but will convert them with his ability… One of the things you’ll probably want to do is use a mana generator of some kind to help Moloch get enough for his ability, but all of the exploders share a color with him.


Venoxia doesn’t clash colours, but the true damage isn’t so noticeable…

I’ve found Moloch works okay with Shadow Dragon (you can still have Moloch take red) - and use Alchemist well to quickly charge them both. The hero green exploder weapon (Eggsplosion?) works quite well for speed without a mana clash…

Just a few ideas…


I usually run 2 x Moloch with 2x alchemist. Strategy is very simple.Fill alchemist mana asap as moloch need quite some mana to fill up(14 i believe). Use alchemist to fill up moloch mana. Then fill up alchemist mana again or deny your opponent mana. Wait till one of your enemy mana fills up and use moloch skill.

Generally, this works well against a team of legendaries, since most legendaries need lots of mana to fill up and moloch true damage scales with mana filled. We are looking mostly at 2 hit KOs when opponent has maxed out troops with mana.

However, using moloch against goblins team is a disaster as goblin mana fills up alot faster due to their low mana cost. This also means that moloch will also do much less damage to goblin teams. And well, lots of people run goblin teams these days.

If you dont run against goblin teams, this team will work perfectly fine. Moloch is not a spammable troop due to its cost but the strategy to use is really simple and straight forward. You will however, be playing with only 3 different mana types.


Moloch might work well with Psion. There is no mana-overlap and they complement each other well with the mana draining theme.


Moloch was my frontline on console back before i got gorgotha.

Moloch / Avina / Boar Rider / Templar.

He was mainly a front tank with good hp and damage and a relevant ability if i managed to reach it,later on i switch avina for Osiris to have more play manipulation which worked out realy well,i used that team up to level 96 and than i got gorgotha.