Quick Update on next Nimhain's Lair

Hey Guys,

I know it’s been a while since I last posted a Nimhain’s Lair post… (where does the time go?).

Just giving you a quick update on it (and to prove I’m not dead), unfortunately I’ve been busy both at work and in my personal life which hasn’t left me much time to finish the next lair post (which I may split into 2 posts to try and get it out faster).

Sorry this has taken longer than planned, but I can tell you the next topic: Kingdom Reworks.


Looking forward to reading about this. Thanks!

That got my head spinning! Thanks! :smiley:

Alright let’s start speculation baby!!!

Which kingdom you think it’s gonna be??
Personally i would like drifting sand rework

It’s just going to be a about Kingdom Reworks in general rather a discussion about a future rework (but I might mention some past or future ideas we’ve had… still deciding).


Now that’s an interesting concept.
I could speculate but I’d probably be so off the mark I’d be in an entirely different ballgame.

Also, hope life calms down for you all soon, Nim! Give the other devs my regards!

Just to check in, the things mentioned in previous lair threads are still to be implemented or should we just forget about that?
No Jotnar changes, no changes to other giants that were in any way positive, trolls had a week of fun, and are now terrible again, in fact the only good Giant troop that had any kind of synergy with Jotnar was actually massacred by the gem spawn neutering too, and Jotnar is still the weakest of the mythics.
Soooooo any news about that?

Disagree, Troll regen gives them some sustain, and the double +4 gems spawned is probably the only spawner that I feel comfortable using.

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Oooh, story time, me like. Here’s a cookie to help make up your mind. :cookie:

Khaziel is on the rework rota, maybe it’s that.