Will of the Wisp

Excellent artwork on this troop, love it


Yeah, its a little babies Fey. So cute!

Any guess when console / mobile events will be in synch? I’m hoping next major patch.

This troop does a lot of things… Like, Mayor of Multi-tasking Town…
The recent rework to the orcs was nice, but can we know the general idea of what’s supposed to be reworked next @Sirrian? No need to make a list or any promises, but something in the lines of…
“We are considering this, and down the road we intend to do something on that thing or that other thing.”
… would be nice even knowing that there are other priorities on the dev’s schedule in the meantime.


Scale Guard has this already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We might get some info in this:



You are right, I must have missed it. Oh well…

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Thanks, i’ve missed that.

That was a ninja change, then. I remember searching for “swift” the first time Sirrian mentioned it (discussing balancing some unreleased troops), and the only thing that came up was Pegasus’ spell.

This guy might have some good invade use… in an infinite loop team? Feel like he could swing with Alch and Hellcat, gives you some damage and a board shuffle if you need it, plus magic link to help fill hellcat on purp if needed.

Yeah it was. My opinion is there isn’t much difference between it and ‘Fast’ on troops with single digit mana costs.

Hope to see it on some powerhouses down the track.

Not that much ninja-esque as it was posted here :wink: .


Does it feel like there are different artists?
Some artworks are really good.
Others are just… uhm… :disappointed:


Cool new stuff.

There is most probably more than one artist.

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hay guys i have over 1000 wulfchemists!:rofl:


I think people VASTLY overestimated how strong wisp would be.

aww i looked forward to empowered
but the story is fun :smiley:

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I’m really not liking the event this week. I feel bad for new players that don’t have Elspeth or Sir G

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they can get elspeth by completing the silverglade storyline, no?

granted it requires some work and unlocking of the kingdom, but not impossible.