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Hidden Characters in Drifting Sand?

I was browsing through my Troops tab checking for loose upgrades when I noticed 2 new, missing troops in the Drifting Sands kingdom. Thought I’d share my discovery here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I predict a couple of dual troop weeks ahead.

The next 2 weeks are double troops. Both weeks have a meta breaking troop. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ish hour stream to build up glory to get a legendary and i am stuck with 2 weeks confirmed of double trouble.

Killerman3333, what is your twitch? I still haven’t followed you yet.

The streams daily almost and at least an hour long.

anyone see a good use for mad prophet?

giant spider/green slime


How is either of these meta-breaking?

Dragon Cruncher doesn’t even have Fast or Empowered

i think he just ment by having a devour counter against dragon teams.

If anyone watched me play you would know i run into dragon based teams and avoid them.

I’m interested to see:

Mad Profit
Goblin Shaman

Probably not quite powerful enough to be cheesy.

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All traited out and mono green banner, i would run that team.

18 mana is alot without any purple generators

I keep thinking he has empowered for some reason, as well as arcane.

Giant spider/banshee/valk
Mad prophet
Crimson bat!

Unreleased troops:

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Does anyone even run Dragon teams anymore? I feel like I never see them. Does anyone run any of those 40% devour guys either? I used to run the goblin eating one but not really anymore.

I’m thinking this is for the large percentage of player base that is not with full Collections and higher tier.

From yesterday’s data, yes and in full force. (looking at you bone dragon, venexia, and celestia.)

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dont forget about sheggra and shadow dragon!

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Yes! i thought i was missing some dragons. I am fairly certain i met all those dragons last stream or the one before.