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[NOT A BUG] War Coins Not Appearing In Adventure Board Rotation

Right, and this bug report is fundamentally an expectation-vs-reality thing, right?

The release notes set a very clear expectation that War Coins would occasionally be available in Adventure Board tasks; the reality is that this has not yet happened.

Bad luck, too-low drop rates, a bug? We can’t tell from outside; all we can observe is that the thing we expected to happen hasn’t for 4 months and it’s frustrating.


Then yes you would need to do a separate thread in regards to feedback or recategorize this one I guess.

But the drum has been beat a time or two before that the more public drop rates the better for everything.

I think a game is doing fine when the community is thinking of ways how the devs could be even more greedy then they already are.
I’m getting old. No joke.

It is just a plain lie, nobody ever saw them, so they are not in AB tasks.

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Technically not lying is the best kind of not lying

I think only new player AB perhaps

I got 3 of them. End-game player.

Oh they can be bought multiple times!?

You can buy each warband once. After that, you’re buying a warband “booster”, which can contain more of the troops that came with the warband, souls, ingots for the weapon that was in the warband or any of the traitstones the warband troops need to be traited.

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