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Where are the War coins

Am i am wrong or dint they say we will get
the new war coins instead of the maps?

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I thought the same, but a new year and a new calendar with no war coins. Just the same OLD maps…

“New Player” login calendar day 6. I don’t remember what a new player calendar looks like but if I’m not reading this wrong, seems like we’ll keep getting those precious maps as “old players”


Yes, should be a bug report, i dont think the devs get it here.

My understanding is that it’s only for New Players. While I agree that it would be nice to get warcoins regularly after that (i.e. replacing all treasure maps from calendars), this isn’t really a bug rather than a strategy to get us to buy the warcoins with $$ due to their rarity.

I do hope that we get warcoins instead of treasure maps every month, but it is likely we’ll just have to:

  • Pay $$ for them
  • Hope for the daily deal
  • Wait for adventure boards

Because right now, there is basically no way to get all warbands AND buy boosters. However, key word here is “right now”, even though this might be by design to get people to spend and then in February they’ll switch out maps (I’m always one for optimism).


Here to confirm that these ear coins are included in the new player login calendar.

What’s this, 'ere?

Ear coins, new band name I called it (tbh, kind of deep! Little, unknown/hidden sound bytes that are always waiting to magically pop out and brighten your day :sweat_smile:).

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They in the shop for $10 USD.

Sony still blocks these offers, you cant (i dont want to) buy them there for money.

Missunderstood that - so it is not a new (= updated) player login calender, it is a login calender for new players (which didnt exist, when i was “new” years ago)…

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I have got 2 profiles:

  1. A high level profile (1446) on xbox and only have 35 war coins so far (couldn’t even tell you where I got them from).
  2. A low level profile (270) on android and have over 100 war coins all earnt from finishing kingdom quest lines. Even at low level though I haven’t even bothered to use the war coins as the teams you can purchase are garbage.

It’s true the teams (and the weapons too) aren’t that great for anyone except the really new players. The banners and extra team slots are useful though. I would spend my warcoins just for those if I actually had enough of them.

Btw, has anyone gotten warcoins from daily deals or the deals offered when winning in Arena? I remember someone mentioning it but I personally haven’t had much luck getting that offer yet.


Yes, I was offered (and bought) an Arena deal that offered 30 War Coins for 90 Gems (with 10% discount applied). This was a little over a week ago. Even though the troops and weapons aren’t that great, I still want to get all the Warbands for the extra banners and team slots.


I was going to start a new topic but then realised we already have one! I have not seen any war coins since the week after they were introduced. Has anybody gotten offers for them lately, or have they disappeared and we just weren’t told?

I have had War Coins from daily/Arena offers 3 times so far now, last one yesterday from an Arena offer.

They are still yet to appear on Adventure Board though, nearly 3 months since we were told they could appear there.


They have them in the shop.

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Yes well out of principle the shop is NEVEr going to happen for me. Pissing me off is not a good way to get me to open my wallet


The rng in the daily offers is infuriating. Some players have bought all 5 warbands whereas I have only recently bought my first.

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I’ve not seen a single Warcoin offer despite doing 3 Arena runs every day since this nonsense was released.

I just want one offer for the Achievement (not), then I can consign the Arena to that small place in Hell it rightly deserves to be.

It would be nice have all the banners at my disposal, but after nearly 3 months of this bullsweat that goal is most definitely behind a paywall for me.


It’s this very fact that insults me as a player who loves this game and has spent a fair amount on it over the years and plan to continue to spend when I have the CHOICE.

The difference is that in the past, I felt like I had a choice. I could grind some mode to get the resource I wanted OR I could pay a bit to fast track getting it. That was fun to me.

In the case of Warcoins, I feel extremely insulted. I have absolutely NO way to earn them. I understand they are geared toward new players and that is fine with me, I would happily ignore them.

BUT they tied an achievement to getting them and then didn’t give me a way to earn them.

Three months now and no daily offer, no sign of them on the Adventure Board as promised.
So, I still have a choice and that is that I will keep my money to myself and the Warcoins will stay in the shop.


Been playing daily since war coins were added, have never seen it on the adventure board, as a daily offer, or as an arena reward. At this point, the achievement is basically pay to earn (which is against Microsoft’s rules for achievements).