Warbands update?

I’m really happy during this Community week they are giving some old War Purse coins.

But could I ask the old Warbands will come back anytime soon? Over a year ago 2 flags is missing from my collection, because the warbands is not changes.

Would be nice to update it, or do something with it.


+1 this.

ISTR back when the warbands were last refreshed that there was a plan to rotate them regularly? but this hasn’t happened since, and regular players have long since accumulated enough war coins from the occasional adventure board and daily offers that we have all the current warbands.


They said they were going to swap them a few months ago if I remember right. Never went through with it though.


Hey all,

At this stage there are no plans for Warbands rotation in 6.3 but potentially in 6.4. Nothing confirmed though.

As always, if there is a change to the Warbands or if new ones are added in they will be included in the patch notes for that update :sparkles:

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Any new information about the next Warband rotation?


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Hello? Why are we ghosted on this topic? This is a very toxic behaviour. :pensive:


The last Warband changes were the 2 new ones added in 6.7 Update: Krinklemas – Gems of War which was 6 months ago now.

It does feel like we’re kinda due for a rotation, if not to add some new ones then at least to rotate some of the older ones back in again so that – as the OP requested – folks that missed out on them first time around can get another chance at them.

Maybe in 7.0?


Really wish they would add some new ones, I’m sitting on about 800 War Coins that I’ve gotten from ABs and daily Gem offers. Nothing to use them on, own all current and past Warbands…

Though I realize for most players, rotating in the old ones VS adding new ones may be a better idea, probably lots of people missing past ones. Wouldn’t be mad if all they did was bring back old ones, even though I already have them all.

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They could do both. Add in new ones, rotate in older ones.