Where are the new Warbands?

We have this war coin currency that was completely unnecessary in the first place, now just piling up with nothing useful to buy with it. Come on and release some more warbands Devs!

We don’t even really care what troops are packaged together, we just want the new banners. They shouldn’t take this long to release, so let’s get on with it. I feel like there should be a new one released about every campaign cycle if not more often.

And by the way, there’s no reason to rotate them. You have a scroll bar on the bottom of the shop screen now, so just make them all available to the new players. They already don’t all fit on the screen at once anyway.


No more free team slots :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

the rare dev species isn’t to keen on having their shortcomings pointed out to them. casually results in ignore.
while I fully agree, devs most likely be like “sounds like worg, sorry, no can do, mate


Every time these coins show up in the daily adventure board or daily offers, I ask myself why are these even still in the pool at this point?

If the Devs are not going to bother adding any new content to purchase with the currency, they could at least stop offering more of the currency to us.


While I understand that, there are always new players who will appreciate war coins.

Would be nice to get more new warbands, though.

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Don’t new players get war coins completing the kingdom quests now too though?

Sure, but I don’t know if those are enough. Never did the math. :sweat_smile:

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New accounts have war coins for days.
I started an alt back in August this year. It has all 8 war bands that have been available since then and sits on a pile of 335 war coins. My main, of 5 years-ish, has those same 8 warbands. That account never got those quests and has 211 coins in the bank despite numerous adventure boards and 1 or 2 daily deals I took up that offered the coins.
Both are missing only the ‘Poison Fanged’ warband.


Would love to see new Warbands released.

I’m sitting on ~1,100 war coins from AB rewards and spending Gems on daily deal offers of war coins. 4yo account.

So I guess the problem is that they think people pay for the boosters?

And also, of course, that we get fewer new warbands than we should.

I appreciated the adventure boards since I didn’t get any war coins from the old kingdoms, either. But I have more than enough of those to be fair.

I doubt we see much more than eventually some rotations.

happens with every new currency they introduce to the game, first it is so rare, people might even pay for it, eventually it gets completely obsolete because you can’t even spend it anymore useful. happened here.
instead of releasing new stuff they create a new currency to restart this cycle and grab a few bucks out of fomo whaley-whales. well at least one problem is the people not realising this and/or just paying anyway. happened with cursed runes too, but eventually that stuff can be soulforge eliminated into something somewhat useful. happened with dragonite too. but the added rng factor still makes some people fight for diamantina. happened to the currencies I didn’t mention and will happen to all future currency additions. also with the shinyness that can also be money-boosted - what a great idea, because some player wallets are always open.


Since new warbands were promised many updates ago and never materialized, I guess we can assume they are a dead thing. Too bad, too, because the banners were useful. We could really use more banners in the game. The extra team slots are nice, but the banners would be super nice. Which probably means we won’t get them. Sigh.


They could make so many fun warbands

Imagine a triple mana boost
And triple negative mana.

There’s so many options, but the Devs don’t have any fun
With there game.

well this happens “sometimes” around here, mouthful announcements can turn into empty promises with no real follow-up on it. if you ask about certain stuff again you may be ignored indefinitely (or otherwise eventually, maybe, silence gets re-established).

the topic shows too many players already have too many war coins, even new accounts get a boatload. there’s just no money to squeeze out of this situation, so there’s no reason for devs to pursue the challenge of creating new warbands. sad reality.

I’d also like to see new options, but better get comfortable to receive new options only with new kingdom releases.


1k war coins? Yikes that’s a bit aggressive?

I’ll let the designers know you’re all keen for more Warbands or something more to do with War Coins as they’re stacking up. I’m sure there’s already plans though it just has to slot in with everything else we’re doing as well :slight_smile:

I’ll also mention how maybe the appearance rate of War Coins for mid-endgamers might be running a bit high so the data folks can check what kind of stash we’re all sitting on and see if there’s any adjustments that can be made that makes sense when taking the overall playerbase into consideration as most of the people here in the forum are hardcore so your experience skews a bit different from the middle of the bell curve - your experience is super important but it just means there may need to be more nuance to any solution depending on what the data says about the rest of the playerbase as well!

Regarding the cashing in on fomo thing - not how we would have worded it for sure as you know :joy: But yeah this is a business and a game like Gems of War costs a lot of money to develop and maintain and we always prefer earning money through giving players a way to earn things faster rather than paywalling content so almost everything is available for free but if you’re impatient yes, we will offer you something for that so that we can keep working on the game and that support is fantastic :smiley:

Either way thanks for the feedback!

Also, just wanted to acknowledge we’re aware of the whole - every time there’s a new currency it ends up eventually stockpiling thing - I’m going to just ask the Designers very generally about that as we have so many resources available in game now and I know this has been going on for awhile, they know too, so not sure if there’s a long term plan for this yet or not I have to assume so. You guys all know Sirrian, he’s usually got about 50 things up his sleeve I haven’t even thought of yet and sometimes you guys ask for features he’s already cooked up in a document somewhere lol


I don’t even think the appearance rate of Warband coins are high. There’s just nothing to spend it on at all.


If this topic has your attention, there’s gotta be something better the gems team can do so that Warbands don’t have to rotate and everything is just available at once. There’s no consistent rotation, so non-established players are at the mercy of the gems team remembering to actually rotate the thing.


I believe this is probably on the list of things to automate in terms of rotation - there’s a few things like this at the moment. I’m not sure if they’ll ever all be available at once as from a business side of things it does help to have rotating offers. I think that’s pretty common knowledge so I should be ok to share that with you as it’s just how shops work in every kind of retail?

It’s about balancing what feels great as a player vs what meets business needs so we can keep this ship sailing powerfully through the waves :slight_smile: don’t ask me why I’m thinking of boats right now. It’s an ADHD kind of day.


Just want to say, I have been super glad to see you responding to posts more often and getting to be a little more casual/light-hearted :smile: Hope you and the team are well, and happy birthday GoW!