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Is it possible to earn Warcoins?

Quote from the announcement on 16th december (Steam):

“Players can earn War Coins in a few ways:[…]
Adventure Board - There are 2 Adventure Board Tasks with War Coins (Epic + Legendary) that players may encounter.”

Has this happened already? It’s been two months now. Seems to be the only non-paying way to get these things at this point.
The few from the calendar when this feature was introduced, were not enough to unlock a banner. If they did not want older players to get these items, they would not have included an achievement for it, right?


As far as I know there has not been an adventure board task yet with War Coins. I believe I have had them come up as either a daily offer or as my reward for finishing an Arena run. But there is no way to reliably accumulate them in-game for players past a certain progression point.


Only after the amount of people buying warcoins for $$ peters out to almost nothing will we see them in the AB.


Didn’t happen yet.

But I personaly was offered few Warcoins for gems after finishing Arena run.

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I had one offer once, in two months. Suffice to say it stinks.


Roughly 200 Arena offers, none for Warcoins. I’m either excessively unlucky or some hidden mechanic is preventing me from getting them, possibly because some other kingdom power based offer has higher priority.


I’ve had 504 offers (daily and arena) since the feature released and not one for Warcoins. Very frustrating.

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I think they are just extremely rare - even rarer than Imperial Deeds it seems

I’d same similiar pace → I’m not sure how many ID offers i’ve seen since they have been added, but that would be somewhere between 1 and 3.
Warcoins are pretty fresh thing and i’ve already got 1 offer for them so…

I’ve only seen it once but it was a VIP offer which I don’t have access to.

I do arena almost every day 3x for the offers, and I have yet to see a warcoins offer. I have had 2 or 3 imperial deeds offers since war coins were introduced.


As long as anyone buys warcoins for cash, they will not be in Adventure Boards. It’s that simple. Money trumps everything.


Hard to tell for sure with low frequency small number events. I’ve had more ID offers than warcoins since coins were introduced personally. Pretty safe to say they are at least as rare as IDs, possibly rarer. Either way, it’s crazy how rare they are given they are handed out free and easy to new players


I’ve had the opposite experience, I’ve had 3 warcoin offers since they were introduced but no imperials, kind of sucks :sweat_smile:

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Maybe it would be for the best to remove those coins from adventure board tasks, if they ever were a part of it, and instead offer them as one of the rewards in treasure hunt.
At least there they won’t be replacing anything important. Once I got enough coins to unlock the troops and the achievement, I could think of way more valuable purple or golden tasks.


this warcoin thing is freaking dumb
new players in sister guilds have enough warcoins to buy all 5 war bands and have 200 left
i haven’t got a warcoin bundle in flash offer even once, even f-once
what’s this? end-player shaming? is end-player in gow equivalent to straight white male on twitter now?


Yep, it’s the fact new players can accumulate war coins through completing the kingdom quest lines. I have 2 profiles, One level 1457 on which I have just 35 war coins, the other level 330 and I have around 300 war coins from completing some kingdom quest lines.

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When you received those Arena offers, did any of your kingdoms qualify for power related offers, e.g. due to having a weapon or pet task open?

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It’s exactly this!

Months now, and on Xbox I have seen no daily offer, no arena offer and no trace of Warcoins on the Adventure Board. I am still sitting on those stupid, useless 35 Warcoins.

To have an achievement tied to something that mid to end-game players have already finished and to have no way to earn Warcoins by playing the game feels grossly unfair and unjustified. Very, very disappointing and very frustrating.

For the first time, I finally feel like the heart of the game has been cut out.



They may as well have given us 49 warcoins for free to really rub it in.

Funny how all sources of warcoins are odd numbers. Why not 50 for free and 100 if you pay real $$? Why not 50 and 100 from the daily offers? We all know why. So you’ll always have change left over. They really are preying on every psychological advantage possible like everything in the shop is x dollars and 99 cents. Really? Does that old trick still work? I guess it must.