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Arena offers log

Thought I’d make a new thread for this, since it’s off topic where the question was asked.

I’ve been taking a screenshot of all my arena offers. Mostly because I don’t do them in one sitting, I often forget how many I have left for the day and having the screenshots helps me keep track.

I put the screenshots together:

333 screenshots since January of this year. Open image in new tab to take a closer look.

I have had a singular warcoin arena offer, but it was before I started taking screenshots. Most of these are useless - Expert Supply, Crafting Wealth, medal offers, Legion Booster, underworld treasures, class favours… I ignore most of them. Every now and then an eligible pet shows up or a bounty hunter I haven’t upgraded, I buy those. I also buy writs and imperial offers, occasionally coloured deeds as well if I’m flush with gems. I recon I bought at least 35 of the 333 offers.


Thanks, that’s really helpful :+1:

But, looking at this, it seems that, as I thought, most of those offers aren’t going to be of any use to me.

Apart from War Coins, Writs, Pets I don’t have maxed and Deeds, there’s nothing that would benefit me because I already have plenty of them, and the low drop rate of the ones I do need means it just isn’t worth the time it takes grinding through six Arena battles in the hope that one of them pops up.

ADDENDUM: I’ve just looked at this week’s Campaign battles. First one…? Win 6 battles in an Arena run… :roll_eyes:

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THAT is a lot of screenshots! You should frame it and hang it on the wall, it looks nice and is unique :smile: 150 years from now, people will try to steal it from art gallery, trust me, I know these things…

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Keep in mind, these will vary depending on your account. If you’re blocked on kingdom power on a lot of kingdoms, you’ll see more “useful” offers. For a while, I needed to level up a few of my classes for kingdom power and I saw a lot more class xp offers. If you need a bunch of pets, you’ll see pet offers.
Most of my kingdoms are maxed for power, so there’s not much the game can offer me. But when something becomes available (example Son of Tao recently), I’ll see it pretty frequently - 6 offers for Son of Tao in 5 days. If you can do that, target offers by having only one kingdom power task that the game can offer for, it works alright.

Now that I did the count, I’m actually surprised at how many offers I bought. 1 in 10 is better than what I expected, though I know that ratio is skewed by pet offers. It explains why I find it easier to motivate myself to play arena when there’s a pet I’m hunting :sweat_smile:

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Well, I had to do Arena for the Campaign and, for the hell of it, I did three of them to get the daily offers and was given Genies Lamps, Legion Booster and Crafting Wealth, none of which were any use to me :frowning_face:

I’ve got plenty of treasures if I wanted to increase Faction Hordes, the only troops I’m missing don’t come from chests and I have more Souls, Diamonds and Shards than I know what to do with. :poop:

Class Favours would have been slightly useful, or the Pets I don’t have maxed, but I still can’t see it’s worth spending 10-15 minutes grinding through an Arena in the vague hope that the RNG might be nice to me.