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[NOT A BUG] War Coins Not Appearing In Adventure Board Rotation

Platform, device version and operating system:
All platforms and operating systems

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Have been expecting an Epic or Legendary War Coins task to appear on the Adventure Board as promised in 5.3 Patch Notes

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every. Single. Day since December 16, 2020. No War Coins Task has appeared on the Adventure Board

Steps to make it happen again
Launch Gems of War, go to Adventure Board, view tasks


Man, these war coins must be really hot items. There’s a a lot of topics on these things. What exactly makes them so special?

Achievements and banners tied to them. Plus being made to feel like a piece of trash because as a long term player you have to pay cash to get them


Given that 75 War Coins costs $10, that gives us 7.5 coins per $1,which means Epic War Bands tasks, if they ever do show up, will be like 1 / 2 / 3 coins and Legendary will be 3 / 7 / 10 or something silly.

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Exactly this!

My current theory is that the Adventure Board tasks were released and not turned on in the production environment because the AB is the same across ALL platforms, even the Switch.

The 5.3 Update went live on Switch on Feb 2, 2021 and I think they forgot to toggle the War Coins Adventure Board tasks to “on” to put them in the rotation.

I’ve waited a month to submit this as a bug…they should have shown up at least once by now in the past 7 weeks.


You have beaten me to it Sis.
Was writing a similar topic when yours showed up.
However I do totally agree with you and I’m afraid what igniteice says will also be true :grimacing:

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You taught me well Diver :mermaid: :merman:

But even if what igniteice says is true, at least then I could start earning a few war coins every now and then toward my final Xbox achievement instead of being stuck at 35 war coins

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Yup, that is also true :ok_hand:

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I’m guessing there will be radio silence about this bug report, then they will miraculously appear in AB sometime soon, in whatever small quantities. :thinking:


I’m ambivalent. Do I wish to see War coins appear soon on AB, and dilute the other choices?
Or am I enjoying the recent miraculous run of Deeds more…

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Deeds > War Coins, for sure.

But I will say, it’d be cool if endgamers could buy a new banner with effort rather than cash here and there, and I’m sure new players would appreciate being able to occasionally buy the cheap upgrades past the initial buy, too.

And also — if they say it should work one way, and then it doesn’t seem to be “working as intended,” that always bothers me.

Things should work.

Patch notes should be accurate.


Same argument can be made about tribute % being incorrect. Are we going to be consistent now about asking everything to be “correct”?
Patch notes should be accurate.
Game display should be accurate.
Game play should be accurate.

igniteice has dissected it for you, based on historical value of AB tiers.
If warcoins in the pool even cannibalizes deed chance slightly, I’m not sure I would sacrifice 10 imperial deeds a year (reduction) even for 200 war coins.

EDIT - to be clear I am neither for nor against, for different reasons, but I am not motivated to raise a stink about getting it rectified.

I’ve spoken to the team and War Coins are available in the adventure board, but RNG hasn’t been in our favour.

However, I brought up more ways to get War Coins and the team are discussing adding them to custom Adventure Boards in the future. (We would need to add the functionality for this.)


Uh, yeah.

I want tributes to be clearly explained how they’re supposed to function, and then work accordingly.

To my knowledge, the explanation has never occurred and so they can just up and change things whenever, however — I’m sure someday, as gems-per-tribute gets too high, they’ll at least consider nerfing it like they did LTs. Will I like that? No, of course not. But if they say it’s cut in half, and we actually receive 33% (or 75%), then something needs fixed because something is broken either way, and it’s false advertising. Period.

Same with chest drops. Same with spell percents. Etc…


Is this just because they’re weighted really, really low? Or is it that they’re only high-rarity pulls?

I’d be fine if it’s the former (as I said above, I’d much rather have many of the other resources the table rolls, like deeds), but the latter would grate if, say, instead of an Imperial Deed we got rolled like 10 War Coins. Because that wouldn’t feel worthy of the Legendary Adventure Board roll at all.


If and when a new kingdom is introduced, there will be a new questline, which when completed will award the 15 coins needed to complete the achievement. Allegedly.

Assuming of course that players were active when the first 35 coins were gifted, and not “on a gems break”. I still read the occasional forum thread, even if I haven’t re-installed the game.

Gears 5 is acting stupid at the moment. For the other horde. Orcs > Locust > 'umies.



You made me interested, could you say a bit more about it ? :slight_smile:
Is that planned as something extra on top of current AB system, or would it completely override current system?
Any spoiler info (even such, that could change in future).

Maybe you need ideas for such feature? (like allowing each player to select ingame which types of rewards they would like to see more in AB… which would make a slight (like 1.5x basic, or 2x basic) increase on chance for such task to show up in AB)

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I love the optimism :sweat_smile:

Custom AB boards are special ones for events. They don’t appear in the regular rotation. Halloween, for example, may have a custom AB with Spooky Imp as the final reward.


Not sure about it.

At least sounds as some new functionality. Which for me sound as something more, than just adding a pack of War Coins offers onto single day in a year… I wouldn’t call that “new functionality”, it’s just meh… “a configuration change” to something existing.

But again, it might be only me, beeing to optimistic :wink:

(but you know, throwing ideas is like throwing rocks → one might hit the target :stuck_out_tongue: )


I read “custom Adventure Boards” the same way as @Sytro since Salty mentioned new functionality is needed.

I hope by custom, this gives player options. Maybe we can pick our themes. :thinking:

I am worried it may instead be like daily deals being customized for each player. I hope not, since early on with the adventure board, Salty said it was made the same for everyone to be fair with certain items like deeds. Of course, daily deals tossed that out the window. :woman_shrugging:

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