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Are daily Warcoin offers random?

I have played every day since the release of Warbands. That’s 6 daily offers per day including those offered by 3 Arena runs, but am yet to receive an offer for Warcoins.

Are Warcoin offers completely random for all players, or are there circumstances that may preclude a player from ever receiving one?


I got one at the very beginning which allowed me to buy one warband. I’ve gotten 0 ever since and I do 3 arena runs everyday too.

I’m rather in what game engine recognied as “end-game” player (not the “top”, but definately “engdame”) and I’ve got offered it once.

So definately there is no limiting in offers based on player level, kingdom levels, power levels etc.

They might be more frequent for new players (lvl 100 and below) than endgamers, as Warbands were introduced as “early-gamer help”.

Can anyone level 1000/1200+ confirm that they’ve seen a Warcoin offer? Apologies to those above - I don’t know how “endgame” you are.

If so, was it in the paywalled third slot?

I haven’t seen anything in daily or arena offers, so it would be good to know if they exist at my level (1435). It’s also a little strange that we haven’t seen an AB task - hopefully they’re actually in the game.

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Can answer on both counts. Level 1435.

My one offer was not restricted by VIP (I don’t even look to the right when I check my offers, so I’d easily miss if ever there was a 3rd slot offer to me).

Only had the one, though — they’re very rare, like Imperial Deeds.


Adding to the 1435 club: no warcoin offers yet, I don’t play arena unless it’s a campaign task.
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Level 1470 here. Have most troops and weapons, everything traited, pretty end game :sweat_smile:
I’ve had two war coin offers, one was a daily in the VIP slot (Dec 18th), the other was from arena (Dec 25th). That plus free war coins has been enough for 3 warbands.

It’s possible they changed something since December, haven’t seen any since then.

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Catch up, Scrub :wink:



I’m in the same boat as Campo, and same guild, zero war coins for over a month. I’m done wasting my time with Arena because this is taking the piss.

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No offer for me either. All kingdoms 100% maximum stars possible so no wasted offer slots. I just want the achievement so I can go back to ignoring arena again. I absolutely refuse to buy them. Guaranteed the next update will have more bullshit like this. Designed specifically to get players frustrated and just part with real $.

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What’s not rare are troop offers you already have mythic. This started a couple of weeks ago. Who in the world would buy with Gems troops that are already maxed. I have had one warband offer too. I do not do arena unless forced by campaign. I did not spend all this time upgrading my troops and spending real money on a game to have all that stripped away and play with troops with no traits. That’s stupid IMO. If folks want to play that way fine but others that don’t should not be forced to or fork over gems to avoid the nonsense.

I wonder if this…

Does disqualify us from seeing them offered in the arena or in daily offers.

I mean why not lock 100% achievement behind a paywall? The devs don’t care about that shit. They’re a joke to them.

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You must have an uncompleted kingdom task (in addition to the “not achievable yet” tasks)

I’ve gotten 1 30 war coin offer with the VIP price and 1 65 war coin offer.

Level 1334 here. First and only warband offer so far since the game mode opened. Got it on Jan 13th VIP 6 currently


Before or after you had the achievement unlocked?

You’re suggesting only people who purchased war coins for $$$ would get war coin offers?

Unlikely and certainly wasn’t so when it was released (I got war coin offers without buying war coins previously or having a warband).

It requires extra effort (you need to add code to “check for achievements before rolling a deal”) and gives no benefit. And there are other (free) ways to get war coins - completing kingdom quests and, theoretically, adventure board tasks (I don’t think we’ve seen those yet? Patch notes claim they exist).


Just to clarify, I’ve never bought anything on my account except for Campaign passes, (which have all been gifts given to me).

So if the question is: “Must an endgamer buy War Coins before s/he sees War Coin Daily Deals,” the answer is No.

before the achievement. I didn’t buy any war coins


Not at all what I’m suggesting what so ever.

Extra code eh? Unlike all the monetization code added to the game the past 5 updates? You’re right. They would never add extra code just to make more money from it. Crazy idea on my part.

Thanks. Good to have an answer on my actual theory instead of just having to address a comment that spun my words into their own narrative.