Why do endgamers have to buy War coins and beginners get it for free

As i played on my second account i figured out that if u complete quests for ur kingdoms u receive 15 War coins for each of the kingdoms so thats a total of 510 war coins… why dont get ppl that already have completed all quest via mail box the reward that every beginner gets?




Here, some info from the post that introduced Warcoins, bolded out the reason.

Other than that: What RiverSong said:


I didn’t know for sure that it was 15 War Coins per Kingdom, eventually giving enough to unlock all 5 of the current available Warbands. I had thought the quests would maybe give enough for 1 or 2, leaving new players to gain the rest the same way as the rest of us.

@dana Thanks for confirming that it’s 15 per Kingdom.

On the whole, this feels pretty shitty – I guess how a new player might feel for having started too late and having to pay a late tax (Diamonds and time) to catch up on old Event Weapons – but the other way around (with older players having started too early).

I imagine they’re either stretching out the time until War Coins appear in the AB to see how many they can sell, or I guess they’re just ‘extremely rare’ and we’ve been unlucky so far. Either is bad.

I can maybe understand their dilemma in not wanting to give away War Coins for free (although if there will be more Warbands in the future, I think this is fine), but also not having the functionality in place to replay quests – but I don’t think this is shaping up to be an elegant solution at all.

(Edit: these above two statements are a little bit contradictory, imo)


I suspect it’s rather the effort involved. Somebody would have to write a piece of code that analyzes account progress and sends out Warcoins. There’s no manpower to spare for that, no matter how little it would require. GoW has been on the back burner for about a year now, focus has shifted to PQ3.

They could at least give ALL players a way to earn them. I thought I read somewhere that daily challenges would contain them.

(Apparently arena does have the option to offer a deal with them, but I found that physical violence would be necessary to have me do arena.)

You can sometimes buy them in daily deals. I got this for the first time today. Agree that this sucks though.

Why not? Life is not always fair.

Making long term players pay money or wait months and spend gems to get the banners and team slots new players get for free is a terrible way to treat loyal players.

Last times quests got new rewards back in 4.5 in 2019 they were mailed out to everyone that already completed them. Not giving people the coins because you can get a few people to spend money on them is really shitty and shows just how little you care about the game and the players compared to a few years ago when changes to the game were about making the game better and keeping players happy but now every change is about making as much money as possible.


I guess few people remember what it’s like for newbies, struggling to get troops that actually work together, when getting the right epic troop can actually make a huge difference, updating teams regularly because you only have a few slots, using banners that only help a little because you only have a few - remember, to get to the underworld and faction banners, you need 25 kingdom quests completed. Meaning outside of warbands, you don’t get ++2, +1, -1 banners for a long time.

And newbies don’t have have the gems from tribute that endgamers have, so they might not be able to drop however many gems warcoin offers cost.

At 15 warcoins/kingdom, you have enough for your first warband after 3 kingdoms and at that point, it can make a BIG difference. For an endgamer, a warband is a nice to have.

And ultimately yes, monetization. If they gave everyone who completed all kingdoms 510 warcoins, then nobody would buy any, with $ or gems. If the option was “make warcoins available in kingdom quests, but don’t give them retroactively” vs “don’t include warcoins in kingdom quests”, I think they chose the better one.

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The banners are indeed useful for new players. The team slot not so much. And I’m pretty sure ‘just use Elwyn’ is still better advice than ‘use any of the warbands’.

Yabut… we were newbies and we actually did that. We had our punishment. I think it’s great to make it easier for new players now, but why punish established players twice?

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Never seen that offer yet :frowning:
Off-topic: Bridgeburner?

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First in last out!

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New players are already starting at the bottom of what is now probably an impossible mountain in terms of trying to “catch up” and have everything that longtime players have, so them getting these for free is a nice gesture.

Longtime players, for the most part, have stopped paying…sooooo yeah. Either buy daily offers with gems when they come around, wait for the tiny amounts we might see someday on the Adventure Board, or pay up.

The only players screwed are the mid gamers- those who have unlocked all kingdoms and done the quests but don’t own all troops up to epic lvl (assuming warbands have epic troops in them). Endgamers complaining are just whiners. They have the troops to make them.

The troops in Warbands really only have value for players just starting out (and even then, …). The real value for anyone else is the new banner and extra team slot. No one (from what I’ve seen) has complained about not being able to get copies of Epic or lower rarity troops.

@Saltypatra can you please chime in with some perspective on this.

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I check Daily Deals daily, and have yet to see this.

I think that’s all the perspective you’re going to get.

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