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War Coins in Adventure Board?

Copied from 5.3 patch notes:

  • Players can earn War Coins in a few ways:
    • Adventure Board – There are 2 Adventure Board Tasks with War Coins (Epic + Legendary) that players may encounter.

This was 3 months ago now, yet none have appeared.

Could a member of the dev team please confirm that these tasks can actually appear on AB now? Thanks :smiley:


Ahhh I see the issue. Translation miscommunication from Australian English to actual English.

There I fixed it to account for the actual less than imperial deeds showing up 3 times on the board drop rate like chances.

I’m aware that there’s no actual difference between using can or may. But clearly the truth doesn’t actually matter. The 5.3 patch notes demonstrates that.


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If they wanted to they could probably confirm the intent of the code design, but beyond that you might be asking for too much…

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I communicate better than this with my ex & we’ve exchanged gunfire…

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Cause they want people to pay, and if we see them in AB we’re less likely to see them as a resource we need to pay for.


Yep, exactly this. It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if these tasks were deliberately excluded from AB for a certain period of time to ensure that X amount of players might have actually spent real money on them first.

Of course, if we do ever get an official response about this, I’m pretty sure it will be along the lines of “AB tasks are randomly chosen, you all just got unlucky for the last 2 months+” :laughing:


Nailed it!

:milk_glass: :milk_glass:

Of course they do. :neutral_face::milk_glass::cow:

Same with Imperial Deeds…

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3 months now and still no War Coins in AB.

Daily Deals you mean? I dont think they are in the AB drop pool.

If you read my OP, it was announced that War Coins could appear in AB in the 5.3 update patch notes :wink:

This has perhaps been intentional?/they forgot to add them?/they have a lower chance of appearing than other tasks?/we have all been ‘unlucky’ with RNG for the last 3 months?

Only the devs know I guess, or do they? :laughing:


Good questions.

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I assume they’re in the game, but coded at some ridiculously low probability that doesn’t match their stated rarity.

See: heart of rage(?) in vaults being much rarer than Cedric


I’m guessing warcoins from the AB never made it to live servers and will be quietly fixed at their leisure, like pet gnomes in arena and the Great Imperial Deed Drought of the 2nd Half of 2020.