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[Resolved] Adventure Board Deeds Bugged? (Once a bug report is resolved. It's no longer restricted to the bug report rules for comments. Fyi. Common sense. But since common sense isn't so common, I removed the category. 😀)

Feels like the drop rate for deeds in adventure boards have dropped to a none existent rate. I can’t remember the last time we had one. But we used to get one task at least every week. I’m guessing it hasn’t been that way since 4.8 was released.
Or “Unlucky”?

It wouldn’t be so bad if that meant other more valuable tasks were being triggered. Instead we see this almost every other day.

Personal feedback:

I was one of the weird people who enjoyed the old daily tasks of creating different types of teams. It was a great way for folks to learn that aspect of the game. Rather than just use whatever troops they have that match the GoW team builders. These “new” adventure boards offer no challenge, and barely any rewards. I do them just out of habit. So please don’t confuse my loyal participation as actual enjoyment. Think of as if we’ve been married for 60 years. By now I’m just going through the motions waiting for the servers to shut down. It’s almost like a challenge to try and find enough enjoyment from the game not to quit before y’all run out of money. GoW used to be an addicting amount of fun. All the hoops and weighted RNG have sucked almost all the fun out of it. Even something as small as a weekly deed task seems to be unrealistic. I know there will never be a game with service as great as what Gems of War used to be. I can’t help but wonder when the goal started to be having a “it’s not as bad as other free to play games” instead of “we want everyone to have fun even if they don’t spend a dime on the game.”


March 16th…

So, yea, it’s been a deed drought.


This is likely working as intended, please dont use “Bug Report” to try and make a point. This is clearly game feedback. there are a ton of real bugs in the game that need fixing. Your post is very counter productive.

We all get deeds at the same rate, so if we get new ones daily or once a year there is no real impact to anyone.


24 hours laters after the bug report was made…

tenor (35)

You’re welcome community as well as those who thought 2 weeks of not having any deeds was “working as intended”. Despite, ya know, that length of zero deed tasks being unprecedented since the release of deed tasks.

OR… It might as well be working as intended and it was just a coincidence.

You can’t just assume “Hah! My post saved the game because I forced the Devs to look at it!”

By your own words:

They might have put [Resolved] in the title just so they don’t check this thread again.


But you can assume that they didn’t? :man_shrugging:
I don’t care either way… Whether it’s a coincidence or not. I think it’s hilarious that anyone would assume that the deed tasks can’t be bugged.

Lol… They didn’t. Kafka literally changed the title of like the 5-8 most recent bug reports and skipped over this one.
I added it to the title myself. Because whether or not it was or wasn’t bugged. My SERIOUS question about it being bugged is now resolved.

But to be fair… She also didn’t put “Not a bug” on the thread either. Like she did with another thread about a troop that should be bugged. But evidently is working as intended and I’m disgusted by the tactic of it.

You can say this to someone but when the devs do just that you say this;

You might try being nicer to people.


Correlation does not equal causation


I’m not assuming it CAN’T be bugged. Just that MAYBE it wasn’t bugged in the first place. It’s very circunstancial and open to many scenarios:

  • It wasn’t bugged. So they didn’t change anything.
  • It was bugged. And they changed something (and said nothing so far).
  • It wasn’t bugged. And they still forced two tasks at once just to appease the players.
  • It wasn’t bugged. But they removed the taks because they like to see us squirm and complain, it’s Sirrian’s favorite music: “The Players’ Wail”.

At this point we don’t know for sure.

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Here’s a fact folks.
Yesterday the bug report was made about the lack of deeds recently.
Today we have deeds on the adventure boards.

It is what it is.

Case in point:
Flagged within a minute of my post. So it seems someone has nothing better to do than harass my posts with flags. I hope the devs take the time to ban you for abusing the system. You know they won’t so that’s why you’re doing it. You can do this all day for all I care. But I’ll still have a better life than you ever could. How do I know that? Because I couldn’t even dream of being such a loser as to just sit there and wait to flag another individuals posts. That tells me a lot about you and your life.

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Flagged within 30 seconds ↑↑↑
They are literally watching me type. :laughing::laughing::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Anyone who reads this thread and doesn’t bother to “unhide” almost every post of mine.
I ask that you at least read this post in the link.

Thank you in advance.