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Is this a GoW April Fool's joke?

All developer comments indicate that the player base is only growing with time despite all player complaints. Beatings will continue until morale does not improve.


It’s in the Game Launcher app.


To put things into a better context… look at the player base in the past 8 months. Numbers started declining before Christmas - the time period of the year when people usually have more free time and spend more time indoors and on their devices…

More importantly than that, though, the numbers seemed sort of stable before that.

Now… remind me… when did the wave of changes kick in? When were the Guild tasks redesigned? :slight_smile:


Since Steam was brought up, the numbers there are pretty steady, although it hasn’t really grown there recently (ignoring the spike due to COVID-19). The downward trend on Galaxy devices might be an anomaly :man_shrugging:.


Mobile stats are a bit funny for this game, since it is linked with Steam.

I was going to post the SteamChart as well but Voq literally just posted it as I wrote this.

I’m not sure about stats for console, but that would probably be the market they are focusing on the most.


To anyone who believes that the number of players hasn’t been dropping streadily since 4.7 was released.

Can I get you a cookie to go with your I+2 Kool aid?


You should have said zero. It’s a long time since players got any value from the game. This may have have gone some way to compensate…or got us banned due to more incompetency than Trump claiming Covid was a hoax.
This was flagged. I stand by the content. Have a snowflake on me.

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I see the Samsung mobile users playing on steam instead is how I view the two charts.

Such an insightful addition to the discussion. Either put up some data to support your claim or go away. Your “feeling” or “opinion” on the matter is irrelevant.

For years now you and others toss around how every change is going to be the demise of GoW and yet here we are, still playing. And every indication from the devs is the game is going strong and the health of the game is where they want it to be. So until you nay-sayers quit with the BS that has no factual basis (or worse are wrong or misleading) and quit with the conspiracy theories that fly in the face of actual facts, i’ll continue calling it out and railing against it. Quit trying to make everyone else as miserable as you.

And this goes doubly for you @Thevc!

If you don’t get any value playing GoW, go find something to do that you do value. Any reasonable person still playing CLEARLY finds some value in it or they wouldn’t still be here.

I get having criticisms. But stop just blurting out negative crap for the sole purpose of feeling compelled to say something, anything.

Thanks @Voq @brc_ro for putting up something useful, but i’m now done with this thread.


There is no value because resource value declines all the time. This instigates higher unhealthy play levels for those with limited cash resources in order to stay competitive. If I didn’t clarify this in my contribution then that’s either my mistake or your misperception. Do you still consider my opinion invalid now?


Just for fun, here’s what you’ll get, on average, from 100 Minor Orbs of Chaos:

  • 40 Minor Orb of Growth
  • 30 Minor Orb of Clans
  • 20 Minor Orb of Wisdom
  • 10 Minor Orb of Acension

That’s enough to make:

  • 2 Major Orb of Growth
  • 5 Major Orb of Wisdom
  • 2 Major Orb of Ascension
  • 9,000 Guild Seals (450 Guild Keys)

An individual did. And you still didn’t buy it.
I can only give an opinion based on my experience with GoW. As you can only provide an opinion based on your experience. You don’t have any more access to the actual player rates than I do. Still you choose to lecture those who think differently than you that we shouldn’t share what we think. Just because it appears negative. Nor will they ever come out and say that they are losing players. It doesn’t make sense to share any sort of negative PR like that. So the answer from is always “the player rate is as high as ever”… If it’s true, great, if it’s false then it’s propaganda… those who take everything said from a company… Any company…as 100% truth… Is drinking the Kool aid in my experience.
I’m here. Because I care. I argue useless arguments with strangers. Because I care. I’m a VIP 12 (Plus 2 alts that are VIP 5). Because I care. I’ve created from scratch and oversee the management of 4 active guilds in the top 500 plus a vacation guild. Because I care.

So please don’t assume that because I voice my criticism and crack jokes about the game or staff… That I don’t love the game. I want to continue to love the game. The decisions made starting with 4.7 have put that love in jeapordy due to the fear that too many players are quitting. In my opinion. It’s no issue if you think otherwise. That’s your opinion. We should be allowed to have seperate opinions without the other instructing one to basically “shut up and quit the game.” Hard pass.


I was going to comment on the april fool joke, but now since it’s become another epic task protest, I’m just leaving my mark to read how this will turn out…


Yeah, that wasn’t the intention of the original post :)))
Actually found it funny, if it is indeed an April Fool’s joke.

But sheesh… the forum is like a volcano of negativity :frowning:


We’re not getting 28 Orbs of Chaos. We get 1 Orb if Chaos on the 28th of April. Occam’s Razor.

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Did you not notice the 100 orbs in the op screenshot?

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What’s sad is even if we all got handed that many orbs it wouldn’t even do that much for us.


Sorry. It was too small for me to see. Had to get my cheaters out. My apologies.

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Calendar shows 1 orb now.
So yes, it was a joke.


C’mon, it was a joke and some foresee the apocalypse for it: rage quit, mass exodus, plague, locusts, the end of life as we know it

Relax guys, relax. It’s a game and that was a joke inside a game whose main goal is to match balls