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Rebalance Deed Drop Rates

I suspected that the drop rates for deeds in adventure boards were adjusted with 4.8
@Ashasekayi data collecting supports that theory
Deeds - Discussion and Critique
The question is why would they lower (justify) the drop rate adjustment?

That was implement in January 2020 and I think we only had a couple actual “Special Adventures” which did offer a lot of deeds.

It appears the Special Adventures may not be coming back. At the very least St. Patrick’s day and Easter didn’t happen. (Easter was actually mentioned as a planned… Though not guaranteed… Event)

Why am I going off when 4.8 was implemented instead of 4.7.5?
Because at the time of 4.7.5 I don’t believe the devs thought to or at least bothered to adjust the drop rate to balance out deeds with the “planned” special adventures.
So they rebalanced the deed drop rate to offset these special events with patch 4.8
Somewhere between now and then the idea of Special Adventures has been abandoned (it appears). Based on our limited data. It doesn’t seem like the rebalance has been…well…rebalanced.

I brought this up before as a potential bug.

I no longer think it is bugged. I think the deeds were intended to be rebalanced. With the removal of special adventures either temporary or permanently. The change can no longer be considered a rebalance but is instead a Nerf to deeds in adventure boards.

I don’t believe that at least 1 imperial deed adventure task a week is too much to ask for. Even if they have to manually be put in the Monday after a week where there’s been a deed drought.


Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by RNG.

-Robert J. Hanlon


I’m all for this.


“Having played GoW for 3+ years. I’m well aware of how RNG works.”
-A.W. Ryan

And since I didn’t claim any malice…I don’t understand how the quote is relevant at all to the OP.

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My suggestion is to add one (1) deed per day to the top gem task. Monday-Saturday cycles through the colors (we can all get excited for Magic Deed Saturday!), and Sunday is an imperial deed.

And of course, leave the other deeds in the random task pool.

I think this would be HUGELY popular, would make people actively want to log in every day, and wouldn’t ruin the deed economy, especially since kingdoms are planned to go past level 15.


I agree, but it won’t happen. What we’re supposed to do is pray for deed tasks, but the real source now is epic tasks. These are worth 1 deed of each color per week and 1 imperial every 7 weeks (through writs). I find that rate very unpalatable like the rest of us, but it is what it is.

My opinion(so dont try to murder me here) the rate that we get deeds at is irrelevant, so long as everyone gets them at the same rate, and thats the case now. Then if we get 1 imperial a day or a year, it has no other impact on the game. Asking to release deeds faster is the same request as asking for troops to be release faster. its a increased rate of power creep. im fine with the rate either way, faster or slower, but it doesnt mean anything :man_shrugging:

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What about a new player? Who is grinding their ass off, but soon realizes that no matter how much he/she will grind, they’ll never catch up with the veterans. Not on deeds, not on power orbs, not on troops.

This is quickly becoming frustrating - especially when faced with the amount of grinding needed and no reward for long periods of time. So, the chance of them dropping the game altogether increases.

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This thread neglects that the need for deeds is finite. Once all kingdoms are upgraded, deed tasks and writs will be useless to you.

Eventually, kingdom levels will go up to 20, but the same problem will happen then, too.

I think the bigger point is that deeds is a dumb resource, that’s unfarmable and is gated by random chance - probably weighted to take as much time as possible to advance kingdoms. Then, one update later, nerfed by the introduction of writs, which also never seem to come up in dailies.

Would be 1000x better if you earned deeds/writs as you explored the kingdoms and defeated the boss fights. This way, there is some sense of progression (even if the actual time is the same), rather than aggravating random events.

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Unfortunately, you need to be in a guild now that completes all ETs to acquire deeds at any reasonable rate, but that’s life. The devs aren’t going to change this because there’s too much money to be made off of it.

We need 3 imperial deeds per kingdom. There are 34 kingdoms. So that’s 102 imps. It takes 7 weeks to earn enough writs to craft an imp. So that’s 714 weeks or 14 years.

Seems legit.

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We have different definitions of “reasonable” rate :slight_smile:

I said “any reasonable rate”. I find it very lacking myself.

The ability to infinitely farm them would be broken and prevent being able to monetize them effectively unless the rate acquired was very bad.

How about a deeds dungeon though? Same format where there are colored writs that can only be converted into the same color deed with generic writs and imperial writs. Plus a gem offer and a $5 offer. More imp writs on Sunday. This increases engagement and makes players feel more in control of deed farming.

Then just decrease adventure board deed task rate to compensate.

I like your idea, here is something I just thought up:

When exploring, 4 kingdoms have the 20% bonus. Change this into a different bonus. So if you do this kingdom, you get the normal # of mythstones (or whatever they are called), plus 20% of that in writs.

So at E12, you would get 15 writs - even color them, as per your comment. 100 writs for a deed. Remove the writ requirement to craft an imperial deed; and change it to X of each color to make an imperial one.

The solution, of course, is to just get rid of imperial deeds entirely. If they never existed, it wouldn’t seem like anything was missing from the deed system. They just serve to prevent you from leveling a kingdom to level 15, even though you have saved up the 30 deeds needed. Frustrating, indeed. You can’t farm them, you can’t buy them. You dare not spend those 30 deeds on other kingdoms because, what if you get 2 imperials tomorrow? There is no way to plan your kingdom growth, which kind of ruins the whole thing.

Quietly remove them from the game and watch the community celebrate.


or deeds. Just remove all deeds. They add nothing to the game.

If the original 10 Kingdom Levels were gold only, they could have easily made 11-15 a gold and soul cost thing instead. Encourage people to actually play their game instead of wait for logins…


Obscenely late to this party, but I’m personally very dubious that they were ever bugged. Tin-foil hat reasons that could never be conclusively proven publicly, of course.

Re-balanced? I’ll buy that. Unsure about in response to special AB tasks (at least not anymore), but I’d more likely buy into a belief that they were re-balanced to promote micro-transactions for deeds as they are one of the few currently relevant resources for end-game players.

Bingo. It’s a artificially created gate, whose sole purpose is to cause time delays in leveling kingdoms, with the only remedies being time or purchasing them through flash offers (at least in 4.8). I would be incredibly shocked if deeds weren’t promoted heavily in the dynamic revamped shop system in 4.9, especially to late-game players.

Bulls-eye, or a triple-20 at least.

That’s to reach Power 15 in all 34 kingdoms. Given the current progression of deeds and imperial deeds from Power 10-15, reaching Power 20 is going to be nigh impossible with current writ generation standards. Of course some future system introduced in 5.0 and beyond will be a motivating factor to remedy this intentionally created time-gate.

And as they say, very likely working exactly “as intended”. The intentional inability to plan for future events is one of the cornerstones of a gacha/lootbox monetization model.

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Every day a new player starts the game that needs deeds. So they are actually infinite.
If deeds are finite then so are basically 75% of the rewards in the game.