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This stream will complete two full years of being the update stream transcriber, and I haven’t totally lost it yet. So without further ado…

4.9 Update Preview Stream Notes

Much thanks to @GoldPhoenix0, @Kafka, and @Ozball for answering questions in the chat thread while @Saltypatra was previewing content!

New Features

Rewarded Ads (Mobile ONLY)

  • 30 Second ads for a minor reward, based on level. Keys can be rarely rolled from the reward, usually souls or gold rewarded. Possible rewards visible on ad watching screen.
  • One ad limit per 8 hours per player.
  • Button to access ads on left side of screen, between adventure board and chat tabs.

Pictures, credit @Redi1 :

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6

Thread on topic:

Shop System Rework

Daily Deals System

  • Daily Deals will be offered to players
  • Accessible from Offers screen
  • Resets on daily reset.
  • Three offers per day, unique to individual players based on multiple factors (e.g. account level)
  • Daily Deal offers are unique to the player’s current progression in the game.
  • All deals are purchasable with Gems.
  • Special daily deals are available to players; requires VIP 6 to unlock.
  • VIP deal will appear in the rightmost slot, if it appears, with a VIP icon (see picture, below).
  • If a player does not have access to VIP 6, the offer will be greyed out and unaccessable.
  • Expect offers for Pets, Troops, Keys and other things yet to be revealed…
  • Will be a dynamic system with new things offered to players in the future as the game continues to develop.
  • Initial pricing on Daily Deals range between 50-300 Gems on average, subject to change in the future.

Pictures, credit @Redi1 :


Shop Tabs:

  • GoldPhoenix: We are removing the Glory tab in the Shop, and the Glory offers will be moved into the “Gold and Souls” tab, which has been renamed to “Resources”, and the Glory Troop has moved to the “Weekly Rewards” Tab.

Adventure Pack System

  • Offers bundles similar to the $50 weekly bundles, but at lower price points.
  • Offered as Adventure, Intermediate, Expert, Master Packs, based on a player’s progression in the game.
  • Offers reroll every three days.
  • All adventure pack purchases are always real money transactions (and yield VIP points)
  • All previous limited pack sale limits have been reset for ALL players.

Picture, credit @Redi1 :


General Fixes/Updates

  • Daily sigils for a weekly event will be retroactively granted to players who start an event late.
  • World Event lag has been optimized/fixed.
  • Guild Wars registration issue has been fixed.


  • AB Holiday Event Rewards coming back? Maybe.

  • Hero(ine) classes “complete”? For now, yes. Perhaps more in the future, at a later date.

  • Class Reworks: Not planned at this time. Working from home for the foreseeable future limits the speed at which the devs can work to only critical update milestones at this time.

  • Medal switching on the team screen will not be happening.

  • No changes to delves in this update.

  • No changes to pets in this update.

  • Balance changes will now be separate from major updates (such as this week’s balance changes).

  • GoldPhoenix: There definitely is a lot more “really” awesome changes coming up in 4.9 that we can’t talk about, but hopefully it is stuff that will make y’all happy!

  • Next Update: 5.0.