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4.7.5 Update

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/4-7-5-update/

We have added a new type of Adventure Task: Special Adventures. These Special Adventures tasks are custom Adventures that we can create for special events (such as Easter, Halloween, Luther’s Birthday, etc.) When they appear, they will replace only one of the 3 daily Adventures (the leftmost adventure slot). These Adventure’s will be marked as…


Hmmm, wonder if since it’s been updated, the random storm trait will start throwing out the mixed storms.

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New Troop: The Salty Special Ability: Summons a coffee storm on turn one. Summons a cream storm on turn 2. Summons a sugar storm on turn 3.


chaos storm talent cannot create new storms v.v


Uh oh, guessing this means 4.7 is getting pushed to Switch today!

How does the increased chance for the two colors compare to the increased chance for one color on single-color storms? In theory, if the chances for the 2 colors each are equal to a mono-color storm chance, 2-color storms could be a better option for specific troops/teams.

However, skeptical me thinks that each color in the 2-color storm will be less than the probability of the single color of a mono-color storm (say, half?). In that case, 2-color storms won’t be very good for anybody.

Big improvement!

I maintain that this is a mistake; a nerf to reflect that takes a viable counter to Rope Dart off the table.


Under settings the quit button was removed with 4.7
But on my Chromebook I could still “quit the game” by using the escape button.
Now that’s no longer working thanks to 4.7.5. My only option now is to go to the home screen and force quit the game. :frowning:
Android phones are having the same issue. Back button used to bring up the quit options, now it just brings up the settings. The settings that still don’t have a quit button available.


New storm seems like having no storm is better…


Neither Sun Disk weapon nor Chaos Storm talent can create dual-colored storms.

Since it isn’t a holiday, and no dual storms are available yet The first one we’ll see is in February’s faction, the only feature anyone will see from this update is the Infernus fix and a couple UI tweaks.

Which is fine… I guess.

Oh hey it’s my favorite part of an update, where I can’t play the game because of the update, but the update isn’t available in the apple App Store. Hooray.


Good thing I read up on this…I was wondering why I couldn’t exit the game using the back button on my Android phone. I miss the simple “Quit” button. I’m hoping that this issue gets resolved soon!



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I was taken aback when I read there was a fix on Infernus. I thought they added a fourth trait that makes him Immune to Burning (which would make sense, of course).

@awryan Just come out of the game. Do not force quit the app. You can get in to the game by clicking on its icon as usual. If you want to play on a different device later, the game would create a new session there and the old one becomes irrelevant. So it doesn’t really matter.

It would drain battery by running in the background just like any other app.


Hey folks, like most apps, Gems of War can be exited properly by opening your app manager (you just click the icon with 3 lines), then swipe the app you want to close off the screen.

Most apps I can also hit “Back” on to exit them. You removed even that option now. Now I have to minimize it, witch automatically causes it to run in the back, then exit it. You’ve made it take twice as long now to exit as the last patch, which already made it take longer to exit when you removed the Quit button.

There’s a big difference between exiting the game and minimizing it. When I switch apps, the app stays running in the background. I could be in a match, switch apps, and the match is still going when I go back. But if I, previously, hit the back button while in Gems of War, it would bring up the Menu, then I could hit back again and it would exit it. If I switch back to Gems of War then, it acts like it is starting up again, because it wasn’t running it in the background.

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The back button doesn’t close apps, just like the home button doesn’t, it leaves them running in the background. You can see which apps are running by opening the app manager.

Note: Gems of War may have fully exited using the back button in the past for you but this wasn’t because it exited, it was because the app crashed.

Can’t you just make it crash again, so I can exit it easily? o.O

I got no clue what strategy developers are following. Their customers are telling them so much they want to have changed, but developers don’t seem to listen and bring up some things no one ever needs or really want’s.


When I try to update the game on iOS it does not show the new update yet. Does anyone else have this issue? I have already updated on Android.