Adventure Board replacing weekly events?

I’m playing on the Nintendo Switch and we got the Adventure Board implemented several weeks ago. Previous weeks had the weekly events with the Adventure Board but this week, there are no weekly event. Does the AB replace the weekly events as well as dailys?

Yes, there are no weekly events now with the adventure board.

The only remnant of the weekly events now is related to the gem task (the “top” one).

That one has a small chance of offering 100 or so gems for killing 150 troops (I’ve never received that task.) When you have that task, for some reason troops will have the old green “snotstone” emblem on them.

You never got that task? Oh come on.

I only got the 150 color troop task twice before Adventure Board rewards were made the same for everyone. I’ve heard similar stories of its rarity, so I wouldn’t consider it that unusual.

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The OP is referring to the fact that on Switch, we had a couple of weeks with both AB and weekly events.

I was hoping that we’d get weekly tasks for all the events that the other platforms had them (i.e. up to the release of AB, since that’s ~6 months of events), but we did not get weekly events this week.

The other platforms are Switch’s ghost of Christmas future. If you want to see what features are going to change, look to PC.

Technically one could argue Switch players were exploiting a glitch if they had weekly events and AB at the same time. :speak_no_evil:

I got the task of killing 150 brown troops today. Is that task going to be replaced tomorrow if I don’t manage to get it today? Because there’s no way for me to finish it today with the small amount of free time that I have for playing the game. When it was 100 troops, that was doable, but this demands more time than regular task.

Bottom three tasks (those with various rewards) get refreshed daily. The top one ‘killing troops’ task stays there until finished.

Thanks, Dust_Angel