Rejoice (An Overhaul Done Perfect)

Hello Krystarians, I want to call attention to a particular detail in the most recent update. Although I’ve largely always had faith the developers (though not necessarily agreeing with every decision they’ve made) when the Adventure Board was announced I was worried. Losing out on the consistent stream of gems made me wonder if they where just trying limit some of the free gems they where already giving us in tasks, it was never much 15-25 a day or so and about 120 in the weekly events. But alas my fears have shown to be baseless and the developers have shown me once again that my general faith was not misplaced as they implemented the new system that works soooo far beyond what I ever could have hoped for.

The weekly tasks (for endgame players at least) seem to guaranteed to be at least a 100 gem reward for killing 100 troops, even if this was the only manner of getting gems on the Adventure Board 20 daily was about average of what I was previously getting in daily tasks as every couple of days I would only have a single gem offer for 6-10 gems (and the rare occasion where i would end up with 0 gem missions for the day). But where the real prize is is in the targeted missions, today I was given a mission to kill 150 purple troops for a reward of 100 gems. This will in the near future completely replace the Event tasks (for green gems). However even though they are randomly given out, if you should clear out the the mission prior to the end of the day it too shall refresh giving another shout to roll another 100 gem task, allowing the possibility for earning many more gems then before.

The Daily Adventures can give random gem amounts (in 6 preset offers), today I have 2 different quests for gems, 1 quest totaling 15 gems across 3 battles and another giving 50 (also across 3 battles). I’ve also seen a gem quests giving 100 gems across 3 battles.

The way the Adventures seem to be set up, it appears as though on average most people should receive about the same number of gems as they used to (slightly more actually for consistency) but with there being a chance to get lucky and earn many more then they used to. This can even be improved by finishing daily the longer challenges that give 100 gems for 150 colored troop deaths. Allowing those of us who grind daily to have more chances to roll the larger gem amounts.

Thanks a ton Devs, I’m very happy with the way things turned out, I know there are a selection of people who will never be satisfied and find something to complain about, but I think this was amazing.


I agree 100%. This was an amazing addition to the game, and a breath of fresh air for this higher level player. Thank you!


Here’s the thing about “on average”:

You might have 5 or 6 low weeks in a row due to probability frowning on you. It won’t make itself back up to you in the form of 5 or 6 high weeks in a row. It’ll be a little bit high here, a little bit high there, and over a year you’ll get it back.

But in that 5 or 6 weeks, you were 50 gems short of something you wanted. Every week. You won’t be excited that a month from now it’ll be made up. You’re missing gems this week.

It’s a “good” change. It’s more interesting than what we had. “Perfect” is presumptuous. I feel it’s been long enough I can say Thanos sort of had a point when he said people can’t be universally happy with a new, good thing if they remember the old thing they had and they feel like they lost something. I feel like it hasn’t been long enough for me to pan adventure board, but in general I prefer predictable rewards to unpredictable, and I like being able to have one frantic day of play as opposed to 7 daily sets of chores that are “do it or lose it”.


Yeah, that’s not guaranteed. 2 out of the 3 days I’ve received 20 gems for killing 100 troops (no color restriction). Only yesterday did I get 100 gems for killing 150 blue troops.

Yep and that’s what I’m talking about RE: “average”.

So far I’m 3 days in a row of 20 gems, not 100. That means if we’re going to say “it’s perfect” based off of 2 days:

  • Some people got 200 gems for killing 100 troops.
  • Some people got 120 gems for killing 100 troops.
  • Some people got 40 gems for killing 100 troops.

So what you really mean is “it’s perfect because my luck is good!”

I’m holding off on judgment for now. The fact that the verbiage “gem value” was used instead of “gems” leads me to believe there was likely an overall, even if slight, nerf on raw gems. Because the tasks are random and the rewards vary so widely, it could in theory take some lengthy trend analysis before the nerf is even detected, especially if it’s a small one.

I do consider the inability to reroll a task to be a minor nerf. The fact that I can’t roll away useless minor traitstones or souls and have the chance to get something at least marginally useful sucks, but at the same time, I can just ignore the task completely now and not be penalized for it at reset, which means I no longer have to waste time earning useless stuff just for a chance at getting something good the next day.


What I’m seeing (I’m a newish player) is that the top task can be rerolled (for gems), but does not refresh at the end of day like the 3x3 battles. I’ve been stuck on “Upgrade Broken Spire to Power 1” for two days now.

But that’s still an improvement over several days of “Join a Guild” and “Ascend a Troop”.