Bring back the Weekly Snotstone Event!

I understand that we have the Adventure Board now, but we lost more than we gained in some way.
Even if that’s not the case in some situations, we no longer get specific troops of Epic rarity, not to mention that you’re now more dependant on the RNG mechanics. Before you were GUARANTEED to get a listed reward if you reached certain quota.

Gems of War is getting bad reputation because of the increasing RNG mechanics. They should be limited to loot boxes, but now that more and more Events are getting this as well, it feels like a Russian Roulette.

I hope that you realize your mistake. Implementing this back would do the trick, either the whole Weekly Snotstone Event, or just the Epic cards, however, the requirements to get these would have to be lower then.

The example below is this thread I have made:


i never really gave much attention to the snotstone events. the rewards felt pretty insignificant to me compared to adventure board rewards. that being said though, I wouldnt complain if snotstones came back as long as i doesnt nerf the AB.

I like the new system 100% better. I actually do them now :sunglasses:


amen to that brother.

I don’t want the snotstone system back. But I want the rewards it gave to be interleaved with the new system.

So I support this thread and idea, even if I don’t like the implementation you propose.

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Why not bring it back, though, so that both players who play a little every day and those that play a ton all at once can get something?

Those who do both would get even more, of course. But I really don’t think it would be economy breaking (though of course l don’t have eyes on the same marketing data that the devs and the publisher do—maybe giving too many freebies satiates rather than makes players hunger for more?)

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The reason they created the Adventure Board is because they want to encourage more activity for the Daily Player Metric.

I liked that the Weekly Event was actually something that was something that didnt have to be done in a day like almost everything else in the game currently.

That being said, I got a bad feeling advocating for those Epic troops back as I bet it’ll be something like replacing the top task of gems for those Epic troops and progress wont refresh until its completed for the week or until the next weekly reset shows up.

I’m glad the weekly event is gone for one single reason - that I will never have to see the word “snotstone” again eventually.

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All those kingdom reward troops sucked didn’t they? Even long ago as a newb I don’t recall any of them being something you’d need to get ascended.


Because then we’d be double-dipping rewards. If we have both, they’re going to cut the prizes that the snotgem thing awards. Then people will be mad because it’s not the same.

TheIdleOne is on track in that they probably need to increase “logins per day” and “matches played per player per day”. I also think the Adventure Board does a good job of making it hard to say “What rewards do I get weekly?” than it used to be. If it’s hard to calculate what your salary is worth, it’s easier to cut your pay later by dazzling you with numbers.

For real, how many gems are 50 chaos shards worth? What about if it’s 25 chaos shards and 5 diamonds? What if I sweeten the deal, 10 chaos shards, 5 diamonds, and 25 gems? Can you tell me if that’s better or worse than 100k gold? What about 50k gold and 10 gems? Or 100 gold, 5 diamonds, and a VIP key?

That’s the shady part of this mechanic. It’s impossible to assess if any change they make is worse, unless they’re very overt. Our paycheck used to be in a currency everyone understood. Now we get paid in combinations of things that cannot convert to or from gems, in addition to some gems.

It’s a shock. But only because we have something to compare it to. New players won’t know the difference. This is way more complex than the LT gem nerf, where you could say “Hey, this number < that number!” That makes it way easier for people to decide they’re better off, even if they aren’t, because nobody can actually define the value of a week’s set of prizes.

You can be “below average” for a long time and not even know. You can be “above average” in traitstones but getting 50+ gems less per week than the average. It’s crazy!


Exactly why I believe that the use of the phrase “Gem value” does indicate a nerf. Probably only a minor one so it isn’t easily detected, but if there was to be no intended decline in the amount of Gems and other high-value currency we can earn in a week, I believe it would have been stated plainly as such.


I believe all of the epics from snotstone events were the ones from the kingdom quests, so it’s not like they took away the ability to get the troop, just slowed down the ability to ascend them.

For as many times as I felt salty (the bad kind, not the @Saltypatra kind) about not finishing the snotstone event or worse, forgetting to collect the rewards after finishing and losing them, good riddance to snotstones.

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Were you okay with the word “snotgem”?

It’s not just that. You should also remember that the Event for 300 Snotstones used to give 12 Event Keys, so this event was done much faster and easier as well than the one for 750. Bringing this up as no-big-deal just shows how easily can crowds be manipulated to believe that something new and better isn’t actually worse in the end, especially if you compare both the new and old system. Now you also have to deal with a chance of getting something instead of a guranteed tasks and rewards, but this was done on purpose, to conceal a simple fact that you’re actually in a disadvantage with this system. Those, who are happy with the tasks so far will object to the notion that it’s worse and that is in fact an indirect nerf that’s just cleverly disguised as something new and better, which is just another form of manipulation.

If I were to review the game right now, I would give it a negative review, unless if they increase the number of Event Keys from 10 to 20 or 25 Keys now, 25 would be the fairest change because of all the recent changes. Oldest players are not at disadvantage here, but only new and mid-level players that have much less resources now, the biggest issue being the Event Keys.

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Are you having Dyslexia or are you drunk?
You don’t have to post here if you have nothing constructive to say.

It seems that it might be you that is looking for attention.
I am just posting facts and my own opinion that’s not biased against people who have a difference of opinion. Apparently, you do have an issue with that.

The kill 150 troops for 100 gems gives as many gems as the whole weekly event did before, for less trouble, and a chance to be repeated in a single week…


I do not think it is a good idea to bring it back…Adventure board is better im my opinion…It is faster, no more messing around changing teams, 2 class points instead of 1 from exploring, weekly treasure hunt is gone and all but one task can be done without leaving the adventure board menu.

If you believe you are getting less gems than before, treasure hunt is the way to get them…I am all for adventure board as it is definitely a step in the right direction.


I want them to bring back the events too.

What’s your secret to getting it? I haven’t received it once yet.

It only “gives me more” if I get it, right?

The right way to evaluate the event is not, “Well my luck is good and I’m net positive so it is good.” The right way is to consider the average case, and it seems by and large the average is only “equal or greater” if you agree traitstones and souls are valuable rewards.


Going by current data gathering, the chance to get that 100 gems task seems to be at most 5%, so you’ll have to get lucky to even get it more than once each month. Snotstone events used to give up to 150 gems each week. That’s a net loss of up to 500 raw gems each month.