No more Snotstone Events: Missing Epic troops - Indirect nerf?

We had Snotstone Events for each and every Kingdom.
Usually, we were able to obtain 3 or 4 Epic troops of that Kingdom Event each week.
However, with the introduction of Adventure Board, this is no longer available.

Sadly, I see it as an indirect nerf to some extent.

Your thoughts on this?

Here are just a few examples:
Rewards for 250 Snotstones: 3x Epic troop, 8 Gem Keys, 8 Glory Keys, 90 Gems.
Rewards for 300 Snotstones: 4x Epic troop, 3 Gem Keys, 12 Event Keys, 90 Gems.
Rewards for 750 Snotstones: 4x Epic troop, 7 Gem Keys, 2150 Souls, 150 Gems.


I’ll miss the gems and more importantly the event keys :disappointed_relieved:


I know. I miss them too. They are somewhere in the Adventure Board, but the developers forgot to mention that the previous Event was always a guaranteed one, here you have to have luck and hope that random chance will favor you enough to get you one such task, and even if you get it, you will probably get less than you would get otherwise with this old Snotstone Event.

The event keys are about 200gems that I didn’t see or get from the adventure board last week and if I keep getting minor traits for adventure more means I being robbed by what they call RNG

Since the latest 4.4 update, I have been getting only 20 Gems for the main task each day.
As for the rest, they are so irrelevant that you could say that they should not exist for me.

That gem value tho

My 20 gems per day will on average make up for any troop!

You still get less in the end. Epic cards are quite expensive on their own.
Sure, you and me are both fine, but many new players won’t see it that way.

It feels like our weekly set resources are thrown to RNG as the troops from chests.
As there been reports that some players are getting more gems daily I’ll keep my optimism for this week and will see at the end of this week plus on Xb we got the update midweek.
I am keeping an eye on how much gems m getting this week then I’ll make my final statement

I’m liking this Adventure Board. So I’m all cool for not having thous events. U get more with AB every day. And it’s more time saver.


You saying that, makes me feel like that AB tasks are RNG based which bring back what the Dev said that we won’t be loosing on our weekly gems.
If that’s the case then players with good RNG get not only troops but gems and the rest is sanctioned from the rewards that they were getting before the update

Not for everyone! Daily Tasks were random, just like like the Adventure Board is.
However, in my case I have often received more Gems in a single day, like 40-50, sometimes even more, by just completing all the daily tasks than I am getting now.
So far, I have only recived 20 Gems for the main task for killing 100 troops.

Those events that you’re referring to, you could usually get them while you were playing other game modes by the end of the week by just playing the game, or you could skip them altogether.
However, now that they are gone, people will no longer be able to get those resources, and may end up with even worse resource income, because they are no longer predetermined.
Troops of Epic quality were hard to obtain through the whole year, and now they will be even harder, especially for the newer players who may only have a single copy instead of 11, which means less ascensions, more Blue Orbs used, and less Kingdom Stars in the end.
You need to see the bigger picture in all of this.


Found the 505 bot

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The fact that the wording changed from “gems” to “gem value” has me concerned we’re seeing a nerf. Whether the change in wording was planned or whether it was something the publisher insisted on at the last minute doesn’t matter. The track record is when the phrase “gem value” gets trotted out, it means less of the important resources and more fluff.

We knew the weekly events (snotstones) were going away, but the result of that is that if we don’t see an equivalent amount of gems and keys from the board (namely gem/event keys) OR an increase in gems to match a decrease in keys, it’s a nerf.


Koromac I see the big picture M8.
But believe me or not. I have been getting a loooot of gems. And when I compare them. Too what we usually get. It’s not even close.
They have done it much easier too collect gems now. About the epic troop. I see no problem either. Newbies can use gems and use them as gem keys. And they get 10 times better troops. Aa a new player u should always use everything that u have. So U can lvl up the kingdom’s.and get on a good guild. That’s a must
I just dont have anything too complain about on this update. Except for the new delve. But they fixed that too. So it’s all good. Any way.

That’s my opinion

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Out of curiosity, why is it called Snotstone? I play GOW on the Switch so we still get these types of events. The Adventure Board seem to be disliked. What did it bring to the table?

I think it’s because they look like boogers. I’ve never been a fan of the term and usually call them “event stones” but then people get confused, lol.

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You ignoring the fact that you luck with gems in AB is RNG and that doesn’t apply to everyone so that statement about them getting better troops with gems is wrong.
But like I said I’ll make my final judgment at the end of week

That’s what I’ve been getting so far

Yeah do that.
Ok this is what I got today

And 2 or 3 days ago I got the Same thing but with 150 kills 80 to 100 gems can remember exactly.

But that is alot

If u get one of these a week it’s more the event stone give out 75 usually

See what I’m saying. Pluse I heard u get vip keys. I mean com one. This is good deal.

I dont know about u guys. But I’m loving this

the same for me