Adventure board sucks

In my opinion this new system is far better than the old one and much more rewarding as a whole over time.

Can’t make everyone happy.


I won’t be happy until they pay me to play gow :stuck_out_tongue:

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Technically, if they removed the whole Adventure Board and just sent everyone 100 gold each day, wouldn’t that make it even more rewarding as a whole over time?

I don’t mind that it now takes a whole lot less effort for a whole lot less rewards, this definitely benefits players who don’t play much. I’d just like the option to spend extra effort for the original amount of rewards, the almost complete removal of keys feels especially harsh for those players trying to maintain a complete roster.

Small correction: it benefits players who don’t play much, but still play every day.

I guess I see it that way, but I’m also upset because I see how it could make a lot more people happy and I have no trust it will be updated that way.

The old way was bad for:

  • People who played a lot every day thus finished fast and were able to do anything.
  • People bored with “grind Explore to do everything”.

The new way is good for those people but bad for:

  • People who play in bursts on the weekends but don’t have a lot of time daily.
  • Endgamers who don’t need traitstones, gold, souls, gold keys, or glory as much as gems.
  • Statistically half the game who will have below-average luck.
  • Forums discussion

It turned rewards from something we can objectively measure into something we subjectively value. For newish players, the traitstones and other “lower end” rewards are still valuable. For me, I could lose half my traitstones tomorrow and I wouldn’t notice so I can’t be bothered to fight 5 Explore battles for more.

Could it be improved? Sure! The easiest solution I can think of is to level-gate some higher-value tasks in some way, perhaps by average kingdom power. A person with a very high kingdom power is looking for ingots and pets, not souls. Maybe at some point the “low value” tasks should shift away from gold/souls/keys towards these prizes. Imagine how compelling it’d be to push your kingdom power if, at some point, a mythic task that awarded orbs arrived?

But I am not holding my breath. I don’t think the AB’s goal was to make endgamers happy. I think its goal was to make life better for players earlier in the game. So I don’t imagine the devs are going to spend a lot of effort retooling it for endgamers. It’s a tool for early-game and mid-game player retention. There’s not a lot of money in end-game retention, and certainly not when you consider the effort it takes.


My biggest gripe and complaint is that I am not getting the same amount or more Event Keys that I would get guaranteed from the Snotstone Event.

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I just wish they brought back Snotstone events, and kept Adventure Board.

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Your statement can’t be right for everyone if we add RNG.
I don’t like the old system but I got rewarded for doing it.
I like the new system but I am not rewarded for doing it.
So you tell me if you have yet to see a task with gems or a legendary task or kill 120 of certain colours troops. Compare to old system where I am guaranteed to be rewarded for my work. (Everyone get the same rewards for the amount of work) the new system is poo :poop: because is RNG based and not everyone is blessed by RNGesus and that make your statement unstable :wink:


No, it’s great for people with limited time. You can burn through those 3 adventure tasks in under 10 minutes. Another 20 minutes and I can race through 3 level 20 delves and get my 20 gems for killing 100 troops.

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I like the old and new system.
However the old system was a total chore.
Treasure maps points ? Meh…
Pvp 750 points ? Meh…
At least new system is pretty fast if you want to.
Yes some of the rewards of the new system suck donkey balls. But you get 3 chance everyday for a mythic board. VIP keys ? Sure !

And just to be fair, higher tier players will always be bored to matter what…

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I’m glad you’re so familiar with how my play patterns interact with GoW you can correct me and tell me I have more time.

There are days of the week I only open GoW for collecting tribute. I make up for them with hours of play on the weekends, when I actually have time. Part of this is because even though I do have 30 minutes of free time I might devote to GoW, spending those 30 minutes doing chores and mucking about with the Delve/AB UI aren’t how I want to spend it. So I don’t. Even when I had the time, I did other things on weekdays before AB and made up my sigil/trophy gaps on the weekends. Still do.

I don’t make shit up just to disagree. If I say “I don’t have time” you can’t disprove it by saying “Well I have plenty of time.” Congratulations. I drew a circle around a set of players and you have announced you’re not in that set of players. I made no claims about how big that set of players is, only that they’re not happy.

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Bloody hell, you play on mobile and have time to write paragraph after paragraph. Don’t tell me you can’t squeeze in a few minutes to play the game.


Considering you’re one of my most faithful readers please pay more attention:

Basically when I’m deciding what to do, I think about GoW, then remember there’s the AB, and that I’d rather do some PvP or explore, but that the PvP/Explore isn’t the tasks so it’s not optimal, then I frown and open a different game.

I don’t owe you an explanation. Before AB I felt like I had enough time to play GoW. After AB I don’t. That’s my point.

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I think the adventure board is better. Because we get more stuff from it

Are you trolling a bit?

That’s actually interesting because my experience is exactly the opposite. I feel I can breeze through AB (I skip any soul, traitstone adventures) which frees up time to do other things in the game. These last 2 weeks I’ve played more PvP, ground out more trophies/gold, contributed more to guild events and skipped a lot fewer pet rescues/delves. So overall AB has been more profitable to me indirectly because of the time savings.


Actually I keep falling into the trap of trying to justify to other people why “I don’t feel like have free time” applies to me, not you. I don’t think I should have to explain that.

I didn’t feel like I had time to do tasks before, so I didn’t. I still don’t. If I log on it’s because I’m trying to keep my trophy count up to reqs or I’m trying to play out my sigils or something else important. I am glad if now you have 2 extra minutes because this is more streamlined. It’s still not as passive as snotgems were. One of the tasks gets done as I play. The other three only happen if I play within a special UI. Guess which tasks I don’t find worthy of attention?

Apart from 1 poster, most have stated their opinion about their experience. It doesnt necessarily apply to you.
While i like AB overall, i understand why it isnt your cup of tea. Not trying to persuade you or anything.

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Honestly this kind of “yeah that sucks, I get it, for players like you it’s a bit worse” answer is all it takes to not make me agitated.

Instead I just get, “Well you should rearrange your life to have as much time as mine” and well, I would if I could. I miss when playing 10-12 hours of games was the norm, sort of. But it really was a waste of those years.

I’m neither asking you to justify anything to me nor am i trying to persuade you of anything. You stated you felt like AB gives you less time. It got me thinking about my experience. I thought it interesting that AB created the opposite affect for me, so like you, I shared my experience, nothing more. I genuinely found your statement intriguing, and even difficult to understand how your experience was possible based on mine.

I’m an advocate of AB over its predecessors and have stated that elsewhere. That wasn’t the point of my statement above so whatever you read into it, it isn’t there. I’m not going to cram my like of AB down anyone’s throat. I’ll toss my experience or my opinion into a discussion but at the end of the day I could care less about anyone else’s opinion of AB (or anything else in the game) just like they shouldn’t care about mine. We each only have 1 person to keep happy when playing (and perhaps those we interact with constantly since positive interactions certainly add to the enjoyment of playing).

The only time I get riled up & defensive is when people are obnoxiously negative about the game to the point that they have nothing positive to say (I’m not suggesting you’re one of them). At that point they need to find something they’d actually enjoy doing instead of spreading their sickness here.

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