No more Snotstone Events: Missing Epic troops - Indirect nerf?

Of course you love it. You lucked out. Other people have had bad luck or maybe their luck is average. I don’t recall getting any Legendary daily adventure yet. Maybe I did, but if I did, it had poor rewards.

Sad to hear that voq.

Bring back the snotstone events please. I like having a big goal to work for each week. Adventure rewards are meaningless (no legendary or mythic adventures for me yet even) And they are finished so quickly!

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The event stone events gave out 90 or 150 Gems, not 75. The screenshots in the OP are accurate.

I’m really glad you enjoy the adventure board, and I’m sure other posters are happy that you do too. However, that doesn’t detract from what the OP was trying to express.

Getting 20 Gems per day from the “kill X enemies” = 140 per week (unless you get lucky and pop a bigger one) so sure, there might be a net gain in terms of “guaranteed” weekly Gems for someone who plays every day. Keep in mind that requiring daily play is also considered a nerf by some, since you could complete the old [event stone] events on your own schedule at any point during the week and you are now “forced” to log in daily and play enough to kill 100 troops to maximize your event-based Gems. (For the record, I don’t consider this a nerf, but it can be annoying if you’re crunched for time.)

The 3 daily missions are where the random part comes into play, and they mirror the random nature of the old daily tasks. You could get anywhere from 0-40+ Gems from daily tasks, and you can get anywhere from 0-100+ Gems (I’ve personally received 20 or 25 Gems once, and 100 Gems once) from the three daily missions.

The downside? Both the old daily tasks and the new adventure board also present the chance for the player to get absolutely useless rewards - and using the context of high level players, this would mean souls and minor/lesser traitstones at a minimum - with the added caveat that the player can no longer reroll a bad task for a chance at a good one as we could with the old daily task system. (I do consider this to be a slight nerf. You could reroll a task and still get an undesirable reward, but it was at least a chance to improve your situation.)

This function of randomness is where a Gem nerf, if any, will be found. Because of the random nature of both the old and the new tasks, it will take a period of time and some moderate to heavy analysis before any conclusions can be drawn. I would lay money that this is intentional. It’s also why I believe there was likely a nerf, even if only a relatively minor one, given the use of the term “Gem value”.

“Gem value” is a cover-your-butt term used to defend against player claims that they’re getting less rewards by virtue of pointing out the “value” of the rewards hasn’t changed, only the distribution. It has historically meant that the players wind up receiving less of the most valuable currency types (i.e. Gems and to a lesser degree Event Keys) and more of the less valuable currency types. Since the spending power of raw Gems is that they can be used for so many things, they are the most valuable currency in the game, and therefore reducing how many the player is able to earn is considered to be a nerf, even if what is given in trade is considered to be “of the same value” according to whatever metric the publisher employs.

For example, in the shop, I can trade 25 Gems for 700 Souls. If I was looking at my mission board, a mission rewarding 25 Gems would be worth my time to do, and a mission rewarding 700 Souls would make me roll my eyes before moving on to do something else. Just because these things are considered equivalent in the shop does not make them equivalent in utility. Even if the conversion was something crazy like 10x the shop value, I would still value a task rewarding 25 Gems over a task rewarding 7000 Souls, because the spending power of Gems gives them value that is truly hard to match.

Let’s assume that shop equivalencies are a bad example. A major use for Gems is buying Event, Gem, and VIP chests. A Gem chest costs 10 Gems, an Event chest costs 15 Gems, and a VIP chest costs 50 Gems, with discounts for buying 50 at a time. If I had one mission offering me 3 Gem keys as a reward, and another offering me 30 Gems as a reward, I’d still consider the latter to be FAR more valuable. I can only use a Gem chest for one thing: opening to see what’s inside, while considering the posted probability of receiving any given reward, and the rewards are of finite types. I can use Gems for tons of things, from buying Event tiers to buying armor in the shop.

The flexibility of a currency increases its value, sometimes drastically.

I know this was on the long side, but hopefully this helps clarify why some players are so wary of potential nerfs.


Put a different way:

What if the game were set up so I could pay for VIP points with dollars or popsicles, at random?

I’d probably start buying myself popsicles and donating some of them to the game. I don’t need a whole box of the stuff. And I’m sure for the first 3 or 4 dozen the devs would appreciate having popsicles too.

But sooner or later, you’ve had enough popsicles. You can’t buy groceries with a popsicle (usually). It doesn’t get you a lot of coffee either. They’d really like to get my dollars. But the popsicle exchange would be so gosh darn convenient I’d stop spending dollars and wait until what I wanted is on sale for popsicles instead.

Are the devs getting “the same thing”, even if my popsicles are worth the same number of dollars?


Great, now I feel like having a popsicle.

One thing that may be noteworthy for a subset of players(myself included): Treasure Hunt weeks were zero rewards weeks…

…because Treasure Hunt


Harvest souls is useless for me. I already have over 44 million. Same with the traitstone tasks. Overall, I’m losing just about everything I needed daily tasks and event stones for and gaining a bunch of crap I don’t need. For me, the adventure board is a definite step backwards into the abyss.


My point is that event stones are fixed. AB is not. U get something every day. Some bad some good but within 7 days. I’m sure u get something usefully if not more then ES gives out.

Its simple. Lvl up you’re Kingdoms. get on a good Guild be active. And u get all the resources u ever need.

But playing 30 minutes a day. If not less. And then complain about that the resources are bad. That’s just pathetic. In GOW or Real life.
Nothing is for free. U sacrifice you’re time on both end. So the real question is. What u want too do. Biaching about it ain’t gonna help.
Any way this is my last comment on this post.
But I’m gonna take screen shots and post them here to compare AB And ES

What RiverSong is saying is that the devs now offer many more tasks that are useful for early-game players, and far fewer tasks that are useful for end-game players. Under the old system you pretty much always got gems or keys (both of which are useful at all game stages). Under the new system, often you get souls or traitstones, which are (as already mentioned) worthless if you don’t need any more.


No point in that. You could get lucky and get gem tasks everyday where as someone else could get no gem tasks at all for the week. ES was the same rewards for everyone where as AB is random no matter what you say or show show people will get more rewards from ES and like them better and some will get more from AB and like that better.

This is all very well explained and summarized.

I think that the best thing for everyone would be that the developers keep the Adventure Board in a current state, but they should also keep the Snotstone Event at the same time. It’s a win-win scenario.

If nothing else, for the Epic troops of each Kingdom and some fixed rewards.

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That’s the most thoughtful I’ve read about the subject so far.
And I agree with almost everything.

I hope that no one is forgetting that it’s a free resource. The other thing is this is much faster than the old system and with all the new modes now we need faster to get everything done.


I think the big difference is the kill 150 color troops task. If you get that during the week you’re in front, if you don’t then you’re behind.

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That’s actually a tricky one to measure. If you complete it on the day you get it you gain 80 gems over the standard 100 kills task. However, killing 150 color troops can take quite some effort, and each extra day it takes reduces the value by at least 20 gems.

It’s a tasks for players that play a lot. I just wish the game would actually hand it out to players that play a lot, I haven’t received a single one so far.

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You can disagree with someone without resorting to insults, by the way.

Absolutely. I’m fine dealing with some RNG on the Adventure Board if it means I never have to touch that annoying treasure hunt again.


Why oh why is this never true?

Stepping out of context:

Arguments happen and go on forever when two people who don’t want to change their minds keep trying anyway. Ideally, two people can say “I believe A, because B” vs. “I believe C, because D”, then shrug and agree “your points are valid but I don’t believe your views.”

But that doesn’t happen on internet forums because there are 100 people who believe A, and 100 people who believe B. And even if some % of them show up, state their points, and move on, the other 99 arrive in single file to restate A and B over. And over. And over again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the 14th time in a week someone has made exactly the same post. Someone will make it then declare “End of Discussion” like somehow being the 14th person to have that idea makes it more relevant.

Interleaved with that, you have the people who don’t actually believe A or B, they just wanted to drive by and say the people who believe either are losers who don’t win enough or something.

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