The Adventure Board - A step back?

I can’t skip at least one task, none of them. I could do that before.
Most of side missions there are for beginners who lack all these resources, but not me.

Don’t get me wrong. 20 Gems is a decent reward, but what troubles me the most, are the tasks below.
I often got more than 20 Gems from all the Daily tasks, though. We shall see, I guess.

Still, I am not sure what exactly was wrong with the Daily tasks before that this change was required.

Also, some people are saying that the Weekly Event will also be removed soon because of this replaced system. Any truth to that?



Your thoughts?

Mine today was two daily task that equaled about 75 gems. Then I have a longer task to kill 150 green troops for 100 gems.

I think we should give it more time. its only been two days. people need to chill.


The current Weekly Event is the last one.


  • The preview promised “same amount of gems”, which has suddenly transformed into the dreaded “same gem value” within the patch notes. Not sure if ignorant or announcing major nerf.


  • It’s not possible to view the adventure steps once an adventure has been completed.


  • Adventures for “useless” rewards (e.g. traitstones, souls) don’t have to be completed, you always get a new one the next day.
  • Playing treasure hunt doesn’t seem to qualify as adventure.
  • 2 champion XP for each fight.
  • The Common and Rare adventures I got were far below Explore difficulty, so even new players will be able to benefit.


  • I wonder if there is a cooldown on “valuable” adventures, e.g. the mythic search for gems unable to show up more than once every month.

To sum it up, way too early yet to develop any strong feelings, needs at least a week or two to collect more impressions.


I got 165 gems I can earn today, that’s far more then I usually have offered

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I would really like the ability to change at least 1. I get 2 souls & runic stones, it’s completely worthless. I’d rather do casual PVP so I can get trophies & gold as well as 2 hero XP.
Another option would be if the challenges were more geared towards the level you’re at, (give me 3 mythic challenges, I dare ya!) but I don’t know if that would be possible.


Yesterday was a okay start with some gemkeys, 70 gems and some glorykeys… but today the 90% nerf are live.
15 Minorstones, 2 runicstones and 175 glory… mmh wow :neutral_face:
Only the 100 kills for 20gems are workable

I have over 10k minor, 5k runic stones and 1,5 million glory… i don’t want more from this (for me) useless resources instead of gems (the only thing i “need”…i mean, i don’t need it…(90k), but gems are always useful (as VIP)).
I understand, that this is maybe usefull for beginners but for a veteran it’s nothing. Not more, not less.

Please let me chose what i want or adjust it to the playerlevel.


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Technically you can choose. :wink: You can choose not to do the day’s task if it’s not useful.

That’s not a option for me, when i wanna DO dailytasks. I like them, somtimes are annoying with 3x 15 kills what i can not combine, but it’s okay. Better days come.
But now, i can roll nothing. Do it or not. Nice choise

One choice is no choice.

So far, my experience with the adventure board is that it has decent rewards, and takes little thought, time, or effort to complete.

I can’t really be bothered to wade through the discussions comparing the new rewards to the old rewards, because it frankly doesn’t matter all that much to me.

As for the other stuff… While I do miss the variety of play that the old system inspired, I can complete the new system in a matter of minutes, which means I don’t need to spend nearly as much time with the game every day to keep up with it.

So I guess what saying is that the new system has me playing less often and in a less engaged way, and I’ve chosen to see this as a positive change, because I felt like I’d been spending way too much time on it lately anyway.


Personally I like that shards were available in 2 of mine yesterday. Couldn’t get rhose before in daily tasks.

Also the max of 12 battles to finish all of the adventures (not including the big one on top) is a nice change from having to do 24- 48 battles to finish them all.

I haven’t seen any high value adventures yet but I have no major complaints over the old system. If nothing else it’s freed up some time to focus on other things.


Never bothered with daily tasks so I quite like the new adventure board


I’ve gotten 5 common/3 rare/ 1 ultra rare task so far
I am deeply unimpressed with this system
The 100% RNG basis for it is a pretty bad idea IMO
I’m glad I don’t need anything or I’d be annoyed

As others suggested u could make it level based, or guarantee a certain amount of rarity battles distributed randomly over a week, or if anyone else has a better idea
But as of right now, this system is too random with such a range of reward values

This is the first I have seen it. I was only able to earn 20 gems. I really like the weekly event that’s to bad.

In terms of rewards? Remains to be seen. Quoted “gem value” makes me understandably nervous, as every time they have done this in the past was in an attempt to hide a gem nerf or just a nerf to collection building resources by shifting that “value” into trivially farmable resources that mean next to nothing or actually nothing to a good section of the playerbase. We do know that the system delivers at least some baseline of gems, though, for very little effort, and based on their engagement numbers with the old system, the majority of people are going to have slightly more gems on hand by the end of the week than before (at the expense of some gem and event keys, maybe). Looks like the rewards that you do get are generally delivered much faster than it would to deal with daily tasks, with the exception of Kill 150 (color) enemies for 100 gems, that is significantly worse effort-to-reward ratio than any kill color snotstone event ever was (just check this week, for example, for what you can get for 180 kills of a specific color) with the benefit of the kills not being mode-restricted and maybe having this condition appear more than once a week. There was never a single week where I got all of the rewards on daily tasks and snotstones, but it looks pretty trivial to do here (except, again, in the case of the 150 color kill grind).

In terms of gameplay? I consider it completely reductive. The whole system is just daily tasks for getting you to put in time daily, for which there are already multiple systems in place. Yes, I understand they did this to have a tighter conditioned behavior loop, which means more people will engage with the system. But nothing incentivizes novel team use on a regular basis anymore. The old task system had a lot of terrible, time/reward negative tasks, but otherwise had rewards spread out in a way that gently encouraged use of different teams for a bit of extra stuff, which not only encouraged some team building but optimization of said teams. And yes, this is what the raid/invasion/ToD events try to do, but they also quickly scale to the point where “novel” teams are unviable and the “good” team you are using has far overstayed its welcome, whereas most old daily tasks (most combinations of old daily tasks) had some PvP viable combination that you could switch off of just as they started to get stale (15 battle tasks were stretching it, 8-12 was about the sweet spot). And yeah, I know, this is the part of it that people that didn’t like the system particularly didn’t like, but I already miss having it there. I check all four accounts, and the most “interesting” thing I see is that I can grab a few gems, maybe.

Basically, Adventure Board seems more like a semi-random daily reward delivery system than “gameplay”. Even if I get more gems out of it long term and spend less effort on the rewards that I do get, and I’m sure I will grab most of the “free gems” rewards, I still don’t really like it.


I understand and agree in terms of gameplay. It was an enjoyable 20 or so minutes using troops I never usually use to get the old tasks done. But on the upside I’ve been trying to play this game less these days so for that reason alone the new system is (for me) a good change as long as rewards work out equal in time.

I noticed today I could wipe out several team slots I had assigned for tasks. Oh well. Now I only need 14 team slots. 12 for GW, 1 for skeleton key team, 1 for fast explore. If it wasn’t for GW I would only need 2 LMAO.


I feel like selling team slots would be a great Flash Offer.

No more dawnbringer plus three random troops, yay.


I feel like an external tool that lets me store and organize an arbitrary number of teams would be even greater. Team slots always feel too few to hold all the teams I’m interested in, no matter if they are 20 or 40. I guess I should update my screenshot based external team memory, that new cut & paste feature looks like it could be very useful.