The Adventure Board - A step back?

But how much would you be willing to pay? It would have to be cheaper than getting them via VIP levels.

You mean like the row of Sticky Notes on the edge of my desk…?:thinking::wink:


Hardcore gamers use tattoos to always have their teams around. Didn’t you ever wonder why players like @Thevc are so opposed to nerfs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, but I’m already high enough VIP level I’m not even thinking about team slots.

I feel like the economics work. Would you rather get 100 people to pay you $2 or 1 person to pay you $50?

Actually I want to switch gears back to the AB, I think I figured out why I’m not floored.

At its worst, it’s “the same as” the previous systems. The devs were careful to promise this and I’m fairly convinced that while now my task income is “average-based” over time I’m not really losing anything.

But that’s just it. We look forward to updates every quarter and want new content, things to make the game feel fresh and exciting again for a while until we’re craving the next update. But when an update promises to “not change things” it goes counter to our expectations. Adventure Board is more of a UI refresh for a mechanic that has existed for console players for ages and PC/Mobile players for about a year. While the UI is new, the work isn’t. I still get a list of 3 things that take me a handful of battles to achieve. I still get rewarded incidentally for other matches. So it’s day 3 and I’ve already consumed the new content. There’s nothing in 4.4.5 left to explore. I’m ready for 4.5.

It doesn’t really matter to me that this makes things a little better for newbies. I’m happy with that, but I didn’t really get any candy out of the deal. I know and understand not everything can be for me. I’m getting to that.

I hope we’re done with some of these overhauls? There are some game modes that are getting stale or obsolete given the current mechanics. Tower of Doom was a great update. Raid/Invasion was a great update. Pet Rescues were great updates. We spent a little too long giving endgamers new modes back then and I think it frustrated newbies/midgamers. Now I think we’re on the other end: everything in the game is “routine” for endgamers. Let’s shake it up. Overhaul PvP. Overhaul GW. Give us a new mode! The nice thing about the modes at this point is since we only experience them for 1 week/month, if a new one comes out there’s only 3-4 iterations before a new update. That means it doesn’t get stale quite so fast.

I’m not unhappy. I don’t think 4.4.5 was a bad update. The pasting of teams turns out to be really nice, I think I’m going to call that “the 4.4.5 feature” because it makes me happy to do so. Everything else was just some lipstick and wallpaper over things that I sort of hope the devs have longer-term plans for.

The next couple of updates are very end-game focused, per Sirrian in the previous dev Q&A. One of them will feature an overhaul of the PVP system, which has had “forums Cassandra” Lyrian quaking in her boots for months.

Personally I’d prefer 100 people to pay me $50… :thinking:

It depends, of course, on what the price point is.

That’s good to hear, I do think it’s important to cycle between endgamer and “othergamer” focus every now and then. Trying to make both happy at the same time seems too difficult?

Anyway I’m trying not to stay openly negative about this update, in the end I like the paste feature and the rest of the stuff isn’t hurting me. I think the things that bug me the most are also hot-button issues for a lot of people so I’m sure they’ll stay alive.

My initial reaction was that it was hot garbage, but I’m reassessing based on playing it and comparing with my guildmates.

It looks like over time it should pay out similarly. It will likely seem to be more if you, for example, would rather eat a bullet than complete the snot gems for a treasure hunt event. If you were doing all your dailies and completing every event, you might see less gems depending on the luck of the draw.

Regardless, everything but the hardest of the legendary tasks seems easy to blast through with my universal explore team that is pretty quick and usable with every class. And unlike completing daily tasks in explore you get 2 puts each fight.

It’s not super exciting, but neither were the daily tasks. I think it will be fine.

Also potentially it could be much more useful if they need to give tune the economy. Adjusting payouts and drop rate of the various tiers is a lot more fine control.


It’s just another thing down to just RNG, making that even more Slot machine of war.

Sure i got the megaosom search for key 6 that gave me 2 whooping VIP key that gave me 4 osom traistones and 4 k golds…

But other than that only got garbage tasks and the 20 daily gems (that at least get done doing other stuff) while on old daily task almost never happened i didnt had any gem task.

Meanwhile, someone else:

Beside i dont like at all that “gem value”, i was one of those 20% doing daily task for GEMS not, something worth xx gems but that i dont need.

Maybe after few bilions of trillions players (work like that with rng no? even for ai doing impossible things, is just cuz the Godzillions matches done) got task etc etc i will get too those tasks, until then think i better stop wasting 200 gems in dungeons at sunday if i wanna be able to do new faction events lol.

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Personally I like it.
It gets me more or less the same amount of gems as daily tasks used to.
Its quick.
It grants 2 hero class experience (unlike daily tasks which were mostly completed in Explore)
But first and foremost its spares me the ‘joy’ of suffering through using 3 Dooms or something equally tedious :wink:


I loved it this week. I had 2 good gem/ key days where i played, and 2 craptastic soul days where i didn’t bother. It’s rolling out in just my style :smiley:


How do you not get common adventure/rare adventure at best? Every day. How about some legendary and mythic daily adventures. This is BOOOOORING

Same old crap again.
Task - Kill 100 enemies for 20 Gems, the rest is not even worth mentioning.


I have no use for those resources as they are completely irrelevant to me at this point in time.

Very disappointed in the Adventure Board rewards so far. I like the way it plays out but the lack of rewards are way too random. I have yet to see a Legendary or Mythic task for anything after a week!


What am I supposed to do with this?
I laugh? I kick it?
I am 1490 level, I have 9M of souls
I do not need this crap
I have not yet seen an epic, legendary or mythical adventure
and much less gems

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Take the gold? It’s more profitable than casual PvP and you get 2 X hero xp per battle too. If you have already levelled up all your hero classes then you have my sympathy.

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Well you do have 20 gems for 100 enemy kill. Anything else is bonus. I don’t think we get that from snotstones or daily task. 20 gems per day == 140 gems per week minimum until you get the dig for gem adventure board.


Using a very low estimation, snotstones and daily tasks amounted to 250 gems. They also provided roughly 20 gem/event keys, which are now almost entirely gone.

Meaning we should be happy if we get lucky enough to receive more than half of the previous rewards?

I’ve seen both you and @Mithran state this, but I don’t remember where this was originally tallied. Can you point me to the analysis?

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