The Adventure Board - A step back?

Snotstone events gave at least 90 gems, at most 150 gems. If you rerolled the bad ones, daily tasks usually gave around 20 gems, with a good chance for more due to receiving one of several high value ones (e.g. 75 wins, 8 arena wins).

  • Daily tasks meant completing 32-48 battles per day using less than sub-optimal teams. And you had to spend extra time putting together these garbage teams as opposed to now just use your fastest premade team to blow through a max of 12 battles + whatever extra to finish the top adventure.
  • while you could potentially get 250 gems, lots of people ignored the treasure hunt weekly events every 4 weeks and many didn’t hit the 750 PvP battles, 2 big payouts that lots of people might not have gotten
  • You still had to bulldoze through worthless soul & epic troop rewards to get to the good ones. (Highly debatable that 9 event keys was worth the time to get another 150 specific colored kills in PvP)
  • while some people love grinding through PvP all day long, for some ~183 PvP battles to get the 150 gems was downright painful
  • you get 2 champion points for each adventure board battle
  • they’ve added more unique rewards that you couldn’t get before like chaos shards & VIP keys. While rarer, they’re now possible.

The point is not everyone is going to be happy with the changes, but there are certainly those who are. The difference between adventure board & tasks/events is a trade off in time spent vs rewards gained. If you were already a completionist with lots of time to kill you’re more likely to dislike adventure board, while if you value having some time freed up to do other things in game with the potential trade off of lower rewards then adventure board is welcome.


Realistically you usually didn’t even need half that amount of battles. Some tasks would auto-complete (e.g. single color teams while doing daily delves, trophies while doing PvP, 4/5-matches while doing just about anything), others could be combined (e.g. three knights that use yellow mana).

I’d rather have the option to complete a somewhat extensive task for high rewards than no task at all. A choice whether I want to come out empty handed or not.

You had a whole week to do it. The adventure board requires you to get 150 specific colored kills on a single day. And it’s not even guaranteed you will see that task, even within several weeks, the chance seems to be really low.

That’s about 25 PvP fights each day, probably less thanks to a surprisingly large number of Bandit and Giant Spider camps spontaneously deciding to join the fray. Yes, it’s some effort, but the option to deliver this effort for 150 gems has been exchanged for the option to deliver next to no effort for 360 souls.

Which I do like. However, it looks like I got more champion points out of the old system, because I would always complete my daily tasks. I don’t find myself playing extra explore battles to compensate for the missing champion points once I’ve finished my adventure board tasks.

Chaos Shards is actually an utterly horrible reward, especially if you get it as mythic task instead of the key based one. You can easily farm 200 Chaos Shards each day, even at fairly low level, which also nets you a huge amount of other rewards. If I had the option to ban one single task from ever showing up again on my account, that one would definitely be it.

No, the difference seems to be raw gems and high value keys vs. gem value. Or, wording it slightly differently, a gold nugget vs. a lump of coal with a “gold nugget” sticker attached. Some people like lumps of coal and I certainly don’t begrudge them their lump of coal, the preview promised that gold nuggets would remain gold nuggets though. It’s still too early to see the big picture but I can’t help to notice that I’ve received an awful large amount of coal so far, never mind the effort involved.


But the release notes did state “gold nugget-value” and not “gold nuggets”. The wording changed.

From the publisher’s end, yes we should, since we’re receiving the same “value” according to their metrics.

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If you were lucky to get synergy. While I’ve had days where I could finish multiple tasks using the same teams more often than not that wasn’t terribly common (in my experience - thanks to RNG yours could have been different). And those teams that could finish multiple tasks were even less efficient than those made to do a single task. In my opinion 12 (or fewer if you just skip the souls/traitstones adventures) is preferable.

No it doesn’t. The top adventure won’t reset til you finish it so you can take a month if you want to. The 3 lower adventures will reset each day regardless if you did them or not.

Which is too many for people who can barely bring themselves to trudge through enough PvP for rank 1 rewards each week.

This statement still stands.

Thats your opinion, one not everyone shares. I welcome it because beyond weekly delve events I’ve been skipping most daily delving because not enough time to do it all.

Again - devs can’t keep everyone happy and clearly you’re in the unhappy camp on this change. Not going to try to convince you otherwise and you’re not going to make me any less happy with the change so I’ll leave it right there. The changes were made & I don’t anticipate a reversal any time soon so we both get to live with it (or not).

Also on daily tasks, while there were a lot of terrible ones in the pool, there seemed to be a stock that were much more likely than the others that included multiple 6 and 10 gem payout tasks including the “use 3 troops of (color)”, “use a full team of same kingdom/same color/same type”, a bunch of specific ones that repeated frequently (the use a x troop type team 15 times - Monsters, Constructs, Knights, etc, 15 battles, 10 gems each - so frequently that I had team slots or even delves devoted to teams like this that I could swap things around on to cover specific colors or kingdoms). On the other side of “frequently” appearing “not gems” tasks took up less of the table, but people will likely remember these as the ones they were constantly repicking - the zhul’kari 4 maps map task, the khaziel 2k gold task, the khetar 100 souls task, the whitehelm 40 glory task, and the adana 25 gold key tasks. Also on here were the Broken Spire for 8 battles for 3 gem keys, which I generally kept, and a couple others. These would commonly repeat more than once in the same week. Then we have the high value ones that one or two of would appear on average about per week per account each including “obtain 40 trophies” (20 gems), “donate 50k gold (12 gems)”, “complete 75 battles (30 gems)”, “25 ranked PvP battles (20 gems)” but also with this appearance rate was “treasure hunt x5 for 40 glory”.

Far far less often were the tasks granting 3 gems, 2000 gold, 5 glory keys or 2 maps… these requested 6 or less battles, containing various troop types or kingdoms, but they just rarely came up, and I noticed no bias for these types of tasks on even my “lower level” accounts. It is very possible this is one of those things that was “bugged the entire time” and it was “always intended” that we get flooded with these crappy, low value tasks… my opinion the entire time is that these tasks were never intended to appear on the bottom 3 slots and were always “daily auto-refresh” top material where the effort/reward ratios were more in line. At this point, with the system dead, it is hard to tell, but lets hope they didn’t base their “gem value” calculations off this “working as intended” if it didn’t.

Speaking of the “daily refresh” slot, I haven’t talked about that yet. This spot didn’t generally give gems - just 8 arena wins for 10 gems as the only one that comes to memory, it might have had a couple of 3 gems tasks maybe, most were very low effort glory key or 2k gold tasks. My favorite in terms of resource gains were the “level a troop to 16 for 1000 souls”, “level a troop to 18 for 1200 souls”, and “forge a trait for 2 gem keys”, each of which appeared about 4-8 times per week across 4 accounts. The “change your armor for 1 glory key” was stupid and came up at least once a week per account, but hey, free glory key I guess. I saw people repicking these sometimes when they had non-gems on their lower three slots - this was not the way to go if you wanted good rewards from that system, since they’d refresh anyways if you didn’t complete them.

Because of this, and the constant decently high amount of gems on the snotstone table, I actually think 250 may be lowballing it a bit, but I’m using this estimate to be as fair as possible.

Anyways, preliminary analysis of Adventure Boards rewards done here:

TL;DR: Task rewards and number of tasks per tier are known variables. The ratios of task appearance is a rough estimate, and the value of the table changes based on what appearance ratios we use, but the amount of gems won’t change significantly unless the legendary ratio is significantly off the estimated value, or hidden weighting toward gems appearing on the tasks is discovered (highly unlikely). My basic feeling is that gems may actually be set up to be similar as before (after adding the ~168/wk from the “kill” task slot, not represented on the sheet), but they seem to have shifted a lot of “gem value” from gem/event keys to shards and traitstones, and maybe a bit of it to “other”. Which are lower value rewards based on their value plateaus and value caps, whether or not they are “useful” to the person getting them.


I finished all daily tasks every day. It happened very, very rarely that I wasn’t lucky enough to get synergy. There wasn’t really any team where efficiency mattered, a reasonably progressed hero can handle explore mode all by himself, the other slots are just bystanders that tag along.

And for that whole month you’ll be missing out on 20 gems each day, so once you complete it you’ll technically have earned -500 gems.

A feeling I can share for treasure maps. It’s still the option of trudging through and getting the reward or skipping the event. I don’t mind that the event is gone, I do mind that the rewards are gone too without anything close to resembling a replacement.

It’s an opinion that almost every reasonably active player seems to share. Daily delving just takes a few minutes, and you get more shards than you ever need to turn in.

It would be really easy to make next to everyone happy with just a minor modification.

Remove the color kill tasks from the daily pool, those actually lower the total rewards less active players get. Add a weekly task slot that rolls one of the removed color kill tasks, giving you ample time to complete it without blocking out other rewards.

It bumps back raw gems earned, never mind the keys, to pre adventure board times. Which is why we’ll likely never see it happening.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, there hasn’t been anyone around yet to explain the surprise change in wording, right? Despite the community asking multiple times for clarification?

2nd week of this and I’m very disappointed. The 250 gems per week sounds about right, but I’m not getting those with 20 per day every day. Not to mention there was also glory, gem & event keys. These keys have all but disappeared, since all I get are common or rare tasks with extremely rare exceptions. Two exactly. 1 ultra rare & 1 mythic. And the mythic was chaos shards. I heard from someone in chat that “It’s still better than souls”. Better than worthless is still bad. This appears to be another resource nerf with a theoretical “gem value” attached as an explanation.

I like these changes. But yeah a replace button for some adventures would be great. For example, I don’t need more souls…

But overall I like the new system

I believe you’re correct. I also believe that the release notes are the clarification. If there is any official response, I would expect it to be a reiteration of the release notes.

I’m completing a lot more tasks in this system than I did in the old system.

Because I always have the “100 kills” task. The others just don’t raise my eyebrows.

I’m willing to admit I’m at a phase of the game where it doesn’t make sense to wave rewards I actually want around. Adventure board is not really content for me.

All I ask of the game is to let me get enough gems to play the events each week effectively in return for some grinding. My worry is that due to “averages” I’m going to have some weeks where this is not true.


When daily tasks got the overhaul and went to mobile/steam, there was a big gem boost. Much more likely to get good rewards like gems or gem keys vs gold / souls too. And there was no 30 or 40 gem task for trophies or pvp battles. 10 gems for an Arena run was my favorite.
No one on the console side posted ‘Oh hey, rewards are much better now’, because we know better. But now you know.

The biggest issue is that now you can’t get the same amount of Event Keys that you used to get from the (300) Snotstone(s) Event. 8-12 extra Event Keys being capped at 10 a week and now removal of a previous event pretty much confirms it’s just another nerf in that regard. I have yet to see any task for the Event Keys, and this random AB is not making it any better, but worse in the end.

as an advocate of the AB since the beginning, I’ll admit that the seemingly lack of event keys is concerning.


Straight off the bat, I’d have to say that Adventure Board is rather…not a quite successful thing.

With the snotsone system we had guaranteed rewards regardless of when we finished the event but that’s not the case anymore. Let’s take, for example, OP’s screenshot with 100 gems, some event keys and stuff.
If I had a really busy week and could only have significant playtime on Sunday, I still was guaranteed to receive 100 gems and stuff with snotstones. With Adventure Board I’m guaranteed 20 gems. That’s it - ‘80 gems & a few event keys’ nerf right in your face! And it’s even bigger nerf it it happens to be a gem key snotstone week!
Everybody, who for one reason or another, can’t play all day sufficient amount every day gets totally patted on his back.

That, in my eyes, is the main reason I can’t consider Adventure Board to be an improvement of any kind. Not to mention magical “gem value”…when was the last time anything good has happened when “gem value” was being waved around?

Also, blasting mindlessly through another clone of a clone of a clone pattern of setup is so ingenious, right? Yes, if your concern is not to switch your team. Ever. Well, sarcasm off.

While we could argue fine details of total resources available back and forth, for me personally, no gameplay experience or fun was added, only taken away, and in this particular instance I find the latter to be more important.


There will be more and more nerfs coming as soon as more blood will join the pool, and the Publisher will want to revel in it. Mark my words!

The last 2 weeks have been awful for me personally, to the point I’m not even excited to log in. I just see disappointment waiting everyday when I check the adventure board. :frowning: