[Not a Bug] Purple converters not converting lycanthropy gems

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:
Here is a purple converter. It shows the number of purple gems on the board, but not the number of lycanthropy gems.

Here is skull converter. It shows the number of every type of skull.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Lycanthropy gems are being ignored by converters when they shouldnt be.

Consider Finley. He converts skulls to a colour of your choice. Skulls include doomskulls, so Finley correctly converts both normal skulls and doomskulls to your chosen colour. Thus, when clicking on him, you see the number of both skulls and doomskulls.

Compare this with Moonsinger, who converts purple gems to green. Purple gems include lycanthopy gems, but Moonsinger does not convert lycanthropy gems but should be. When you click on Moonsinger, it should display the number of both purple and lycanthropy gems, but only shows normal purple gems.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time with a purple converter

Steps to make it happen again
Start a battle with a purple converter troop. Click on troop and see missing lycanthropy gem count. Cast troop and see lycanthropy gems incorrectly not converted.


I was about to make the exactly same bug report.
I was disappointed to find out this in the faction assault event. Same with the other issue.

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Waiting for “This is working as intended” stock answer (Translation “S$$t, we screwed something else up, but we can’t fix it right now”)… :roll_eyes:


Yes, that’s why I didn’t open the bugreport.

More generally, lycanthropy gems are not considered as purple gems must of the times:

  • warlock : remove purple gems but not lycanthropy ones
  • fundingus : explode purple gems but not lycanthropy ones

which is inconsistent compared to skulls/doomskulls/uberdoomskull:

  • ironjaw : remove skulls gems including doomskulls (and certainly uberdoomskulls)
  • carnex : explode skulls gems including doomskulls (and certainly uberdoomskulls)

Hey everyone! I’m seeking further clarification on how this is designed to work with the Dev Team. Thank for brining it to our attention.


It’s been a week: could we have an ETA on how long it takes to get such a simple clarification within IP2?
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You got confused there @AMT I guess.
Ominous said they will seek clarification, not that they will share it with us or make it public in any way.

(sarcasm off)


More info on topic:

Lycanthropy gems are considered as purple gems, but for some weird reasons they are excluded from conversion mechnism. Latest test i did, descibed in another BUG report:

Hey everyone,

I’ve gotten clarification on how Lycanthropy gems are meant to work in this situation. While Lycanthropy gems can be matched with purple gems, they are not considered purple gems themselves. So Purple convertors will not transform them. This is a similar function to how Doomskulls work with Skulls.

I hope that helps clear things up

casts Green Seer on Lycan gem
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Thank you for some clarification but the doubt still remains.
Consider Finley who converts skulls to a color - for his spell skulls and doomskulls are equal (people have tested this). There is a question about uberdomskulls that we can’t test currently yet uberdoomskulls are present on gem counter when you try casting him.
Consider troops that deal damage boosted by skulls (Revenant, Frost Giant and a few more) - for their spells skulls/doomskulls are the same thing and have uberdoomskulls present in gem counter.

So I’d say anything that “converts purple to” or “boosted by purple gems” should include Lycanthropy gems as well or we have a (unsurprising) consistency problem on our hands.


@OminousGMan, can you double check? I compared this bug in the OP itself with doomskulls. So, either purple converters should include lycan, or it does NOT function like doomskulls with skulls.


I suspect they might actually want to treat this as three types of gems, normal, enhanced and special ones.

Normal gems:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Skull

Enhanced gems:

  • Doomskull

Special gems, exclusive during campaigns:

  • Uberskull
  • Lycanthropy

Transformers affect normal gems and their enhanced version (currently only Doomskull/Finley, they might add enhanced colored gems in future that grant extra mana and/or explode when destroyed).

Just guessing, this definitely needs some documentation. That might also help IP2 understand how their game mechanics work, the explanations we’ve been given so far appear to be rather confusing. :thinking:


It would be weird to differentiate uberdoomskulls from doomskulls/skulls and lycan from purple IMO. It isn’t intuitive so would result in bug reports and frustration for no benefit.

I suspect IP2 just doesn’t try to be consistent. :woman_shrugging:

I wish I tested if converters include uberdoomskulls or not, but I didn’t predict lycan to be so broken.

Not that it would matter. Devs don’t read bug reports. If they did they wouldn’t have said this isn’t a bug because of skull converters ignoring doomskulls, when the bug report itself talks about that specifically and shows that skull converters DO include doomskulls.

I am not blaming @OminousGMan btw. Being new, this is likely information overload. Whichever dev this was passed to clearly did not read. This is a trend with IP2. Not sure why I bother with detailed bug reports anymore.


Can be cast on lycanthrophy gems, but when cast on a lycan gem ONLY affects purple gems, leaving lycan gems on the board, unaffected:

Abynissia, Queen Aurora, Sycorax, The Gray King, Emperor Liang, Goblin King, The Keeper of Souls, Krystenax

Then I got bored of testing. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of troops likely to be affected by this bug, in case someone wants to continue testing:

[ "abynissia",
  "queen aurora",
  "the gray king",
  "emperor liang",
  "goblin king",
  "keeper of souls",
  "shaman of set",
  "astral spirit",
  "cat sith",
  "clockwork sphinx",
  "dark maiden",
  "deep dwarf",
  "the devoted",
  "totem guardian",
  "dwarven miner",
  "jewel gnome",
  "snowy owl" ]

I’d argue it would make some sense design wise. Those campaign gems only seem to be supposed to show up in low numbers, for some rare special effect. Being able to simply transform other gems into campaign gems would beat that purpose. And if you can’t transform into a campaign gem you probably also shouldn’t be able to transform away from one. It doesn’t really require this kind of symmetric handling but it feels like a smoother set of game rules.

Of course there’s the Hatir & Skroll exception to Lycanthrophy gem scarcity. Looking at that particular troop design I’m perfectly okay with blaming it on something like excessive consumption of mind altering substances. Maybe someone was smoking Amanithrax mushrooms. :smirk:

Skills that convert to skulls don’t include doomskulls, so that part is fine and consistent. That doesn’t imply the other way (skulls to something, purple to something) shouldn’t work. Look at Keeper of Souls (something to skulls which does not include doomskulls) vs Finley (skulls to something which includes doomskulls).


Effects that remove skulls remove doomskulls as well.

So, a blatant lie. Not that I expect anything else from the kind of people who work on GOW.


I mean, that’s the thing – we will be getting Troops that can convert something into Lycanthropy Gems, but they’re completely untouchable/dysfunctional when you select them to be converted into something else (they convert the completely unrelated yet matchable Purple Gems).

I guess maybe let’s hope they’re ready to deal with the new Bug Reports when Uber Doomskulls are (re-)released and can be converted by e.g. Finley.