[REPORTED] Shaman of Set - Flurry of Feathers - Lycanthropy Gem color doesn't count as purple

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This is more of an addendum to the color conversion bugs.
If you cast Flurry of Feathers and select a Purple Lycanthropy gem, the spell only counts the number of Lycanthropy gems, not purple gems. The text of the spell in the English version reads:
“Choose a Color. Create Red Gems equal to the number of Gems of that Color. Inflict Bleed on a random Enemy.”

  1. Text is changed to
    “Choose a non-Red Gem. Create Red Gems equal to the number of Gems of that type. Inflict Bleed on a random Enemy.”
  2. Choosing a lyncanthropy gem counts as purple for the purpose of this spell.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since the release of Lycanthropy.

Steps to make it happen again
Prereqs: Shaman of Set has full mana. There is at least one lycanthropy gem on the board.

  1. Cast Flurry of Feathers.
  2. Select a Lycanthropy gem.

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Hey Hey @JamesDuring

Thanks for brining this to our attention. We know there has been a lot of confusion around how Lycanthropy Gems are meant to be treated when it comes to Purple Gems.

I received clarification that they should be more in line with Heroic Gems and shouldn’t be able to selected when you are using these Select a colour Troop spells.

Thanks for this again!

OminousGMan - Support Team Human :male_detective:

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Additionally, if you select a web gem, this also happens, with the spell only counting the web gems.

I’ll be blunt – that was the wrong answer.

(edit: But apparently it was also an answer from 2 years ago, more Heroic Gems have been introduced since then, and this is still the ONLY spell that counts Lycanthropy/Web Gems distinct from basic Purple Gems)

To be fair, I get that if the dev team were to change this going forward yes they are free to do that, BUT it would constitute a noticeable balance change to a MAJORITY of color-based spellcasters.


  • Lycanthropy Gems are matchable with their base color – this is a fundamental difference from “non matching” Heroic Gem types (Wish, Bomb, etc).
  • Lycanthropy Gems are counted with their base color (for calculating Boost Ratios, etc). If there are 12 Purple and 5 Lycanthropy Gems on the board, the gem counter will report “17” Purple Gems. Essentially every spell that can affect a given color already includes them.

It would also obviously create a UI problem where we might be unable to select a desired color under certain conditions (e.g. if the only Purple Gems on the board are Lycanthropy, Web, and Giant Purple, does that mean I cannot spellcast on Purple?). Again, this makes obvious sense for the “non matching” Heroic Gems (Wish/Bomb/etc), but Lycanthropy/Web are simply NOT part of that category.

The current design is more intuitive, more predictable, (mostly) consistent and also more useful. Please do not change it for the negative…

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Does that mean Spirit Gems are Heroic Gems? I dont think thats a completely thought out answer.

EDIT:Didn’t relaize this was a zombie post. But still…does this logic apply to spirit gems?

It doesn’t apply to ANY single-color-matching Heroic Gems, the statement was provably wrong.

For example, if I cast Clockwork Sphinx I can (a) select a normal Purple Gem or (b) select a Lycanthropy Gem, and in either case BOTH Purple and Lycanthropy gems will be included equally.

@Bramble, would it help to re-raise this issue with the devs? The prior statement was factually incorrect, this is a problem unique to Shaman of Set which does NOT likewise occur with other casters.

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