[Investigating] The Gray King can select Lycanthropy gems

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Since lycanthropy gems don’t count towards the purple mana (I assume it doesn’t), it should not be selectable by The Gray King. What happened is that it destroyed all purple gems from the board (except the lycanthropy gem) but did NOTHING to the purple enemies. So, instead of doing damage and causing status effects, it just gave me mana and left the lycanthropy gem on the board.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Any time you use The Gray King and select a lycanthropy gem.

Steps to make it happen again
Kinda self explanatory at this point.


(I’ll post here too, I guess)

Non-exhaustive list of troops likely affected by the same bug:

[ "abynissia",
  "queen aurora",
  "the gray king",
  "emperor liang",
  "goblin king",
  "keeper of souls",
  "shaman of set",
  "astral spirit",
  "cat sith",
  "clockwork sphinx",
  "dark maiden",
  "deep dwarf",
  "the devoted",
  "totem guardian",
  "dwarven miner",
  "jewel gnome",
  "snowy owl" ]

I think this perhaps has an extra level of bug compared to some of the others, though, since The Gray King is supposed to damage and inflict a status effect on enemies of the colour Gem selected, but cannot do so since no troops use Lycanthropy (which I guess doesn’t code as Purple?) Mana.

Some of the Troops listed there that are supposed to perform an effect on other Troops of the selected colour might be relevant, though, e.g. Sycorax, Emperor Liang, Shocktopus, Tuliao.

E.g. tested and confirmed that Tuliao can select Lycanthropy Gems, which does absolutely nothing to allied troops using Purple Mana.

Similarly, when Sycorax selects a Lycanthropy Gem (which is an option, unlike e.g. Skulls), she creates Purple Gems but gives no Life to allied Purple troops :woozy_face:.


I think this bug can be linked to similar one: [Reported] Lycanthropy gems not converting .


I was under the impression that Lycanthropy gems were not supposed to convert since they are their own type. Maybe I’m wrong about this though.

But than, they shouldn’t be targetable for spells that let player chose gem to convert → similiar as here with Gray King - he shouldn’t be able to target Lycanthropy gems.
At least that would make statement above consistent with game behavour.


But then you shouldn’t be able to match them with purple (or any other respective color if they decide to introduce different color lycanthropy gems…looking at you, khm, upcoming campaign mythic with green to lycanthropy convert).
As it stands now, they’re practically purple with extra effect added on top (matches with purple and gives purple mana when matched - safe-tested it just a minute ago), except that sometimes they’re not.

Lycanthropy gems are all over the place currently and nobody truly knows what they are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do.


Yeah, that’s why I submitted a bug report. I assumed they weren’t supposed to be converted which would mean that TGK should not be able to target them. In other words, this is a bug.

Good news: Gray King now destroys lycan gems.

Bad news: Selecting lycan gems still does no damage to purple enemies.



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