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Lycan bug tracker

Curious if Lycan will be fixed before the campaign ends? Ideally, Lycan should’ve been fully ironed out before the Lycan campaign started, but it’s now week 5 and it’s still bugged. We’re half way through.

It seems like 5.6 will include non lycan updates. Can we get 5.5.1 to fix Lycan during the currently active Lycan campaign? Some of the bugs aren’t even tagged to be fixed for 5.6.

5.6 is out! It’s the last week of the lycan campaign! This means all lycan bugs are fixed!!

Nope. :sob: Still have bugs.

Casting Grey King on a lycan gem does not damage purple enemy troops

Lycanthropy bugs, part N: Electric Boogaloo

[Investigating] The Gray King can select Lycanthropy gems

Lycanthropy gem interaction problem, not sure if intended

Some troops incorrectly interact with lycan gems

Lycanthropy bugs, part N: Electric Boogaloo

The above two bugs are related. I separated Grey King out because he’s been mentioned multiple times on the forums so he specifically should be a well known bug.

6 days to go before the campaign is over. Will this be fixed in time?! Tune in to find out!

For fun, at the end of May a couple of us worked on Lycan’s timeline: when bugs were reported, flagged as a bug or not a bug, disabling then enabling then disabling then enabling Lycan on EoE, etc etc.

Timeline here


You’re so optimistic. Lycanthropy doesn’t “end” it might just be encountered slightly less often. Which also reminds me that I never got an answer to my question if our feedback about lycanthropy (overwhelming majority don’t care for it and would not be upset if removed entirely) was ever passed on…


It’ll end in the sense that almost no one will ever field anything involving it, so only “inflict random status effect” will make it a thing. Magnus in delves comes to mind, but not much else.

RIP EoE, though 🥲

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Fixing the bugs after the campaign is still useful because Lycan will persist forever due to some troops casting it. Thankfully, it’ll be encountered much less frequently than right now with the Lycan heroic gems. I can dream it’ll just end though, right? Please?

Actually, I don’t mind lycan as a mechanic if it worked without all the bugs.

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Are the gnomes not giving loot if transformed? Thinking about the weekend…

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I I wouldn’t mind it if the bugs were fixed and I would never have to encounter it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Right, gnomes do not give loot if lycanned (not saying transform until Lycan acts like transform). Good news, gnomes in the Vault still give rewards! It’s only outside the Vault (explore, PvP, etc) that gnomes are bugged.

Definitely not looking forward to this weekend and potentially loosing some pet gnomes…

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My memory might be slightly fuzzy on this one, but I believe that Salty has said on-stream that there are no plans for any intermediate updates before 5.6 at this point and that the Lycan issues would be corrected after the campaign has concluded.

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I kinda got tired and stopped reading about lyca, so I have missed out this little detail. Well, gotta find a soft way to share it with guildies before the gnomes arrive…

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I knew there was nothing before 5.6, but don’t recall the timeline for release being after the campaign. Sigh.

I know it’s no consolation for those looking for pet gnomes or those without Pho/Ironhawk/etc… one-shot builds, but for anyone just firing up the meat grinder lycanthropy should never be able to proc before the match is won :+1:


Until 5.6, anyway? Fixing the lycanthropy transforms to halve the level will make the nerf of EoE inflicting lycanthropy less severe; probably makes EoE viable again.

@Snooj that timeline is, well, oof: the rollout of lycanthropy has been a total mess.


Thanks for that reminder — I agree!

Better than anytime the Toad-trigger happens, at the very least :joy:

And it’s the sort of thing that could compound, too; sure, the statuses are lost, but manage to apply them again, and have a troop cut from 20 to 10 to 5…?

…I’m not a-scared of a level 5 beast, no matter which one :laughing:

That new legendaries 3rd trait should be a bug. The idea of having that on 4+ gem matches is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. I would say it was an oversight, but I’ve been around here 3 years and know better.

Edit: give up 1 turn and end up like this. There is no way they tested lycanthropy, they love preaching balance, but have zero idea of what it really is. They add gimmicks to simulate difficulty.


I think I’ll just go for easy explore runs, some others will most likely hunt pets, so I should not stress about it… Actually this weekend I might even forget what lyca is, while doing fast runs :upside_down_face:


What are the chances of them actually fixing all the bugs marked as [FIXED IN 5.6]? The list of recurring bugs and outstanding issues, not just with lycanthropy, is long and given virtually no attention by the devs.

A good number of bug reports wrt. lycanthropy have been ignored.

I have a feeling they’ve elected to fix only the most egregious bugs (ie. crashing) and call it a (very profitable) day. We’re halfway through the campaign and there’s only vague promises of fixing the campaign’s big gimmick… after the campaign’s over. :clown_face:

By then everyone will have moved on to complaining about whatever undercooked, buggy mess of a game mechanic they have come up with for the next campaign. Only to throw some more money their way.


I disagree and think it’s fine actually. Here is a picture of the Werestag for reference for anyone unaware:

There are other legendary troops that inflict some status on matching 4 or more gems. For example, Gobtruffle does disease and Mirror Queen grants reflect.

Are disease and reflect comparable, though?

This thing comes pretty close to death mark on 4+ matches. It’s not quite that level — you do get to keep fighting with your new, cleansed troop — but when it’s “corrected” so that levels are halved and such, it’ll just be a slower, more agonizing death mark…

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Tangential but: is there a precedent on the destruction potential of casting Hatir & Skroll followed by Werestag?
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:

@Magnusimus stated what I was going to.

There is nothing in this game more toxic to a player than that trait.