[Reported] Lycanthropy gems not converting

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I used Green Seer ability EXPLICITLY on Lycanthropy gem. I excepted it to convert Lycanthropy gem to green gem, instead all purple gems got converted and Lycanthropy gem stayed untouched. I expect that Lycnathropy gem should be converted to green- either that, or I shouldn’t be able to target Lycanthropy gem with that spell cast.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
10/10. Tested with all troops on the screen (Alchemist, Apothecary, Diviner, Green Seer).

Steps to make it happen again
Use a troop with “Convert all gems of chosen color into [new_color]” on Lycanthropy gem.


It used to work for PC players on 5.5.1 release, but they downgraded steam version to keep in line with mobile.

In 5.5.1r27572 player could convert lycan gems to yellow with Alchemist, or convert blue gems to lycan with Asha, for example. For now (5.5.1r27557) whenever player picks gem, it is reduced to base color (lycan → purple, uberdoomskulls, doomskulls → skulls)

Hey there,

I’ve gotten clarification on how Lycanthropy gems are meant to work in this situation. While Lycanthropy gems can be matched with purple gems, they are not considered purple gems themselves. So Purple convertors will not transform them. This is a similar function to how Doomskulls work with Skulls.

I hope that helps clear things up

But this is a bit different case. Neither of troops i’ve used is purple converter. All are “pick a gem to convert into X color”
In situation above I never chosen purple gem to be converted. I’ve always chosen Lycanthropy gem. And it never got transformed and instead all purple gems got transformed .

IMHO, spell shouldn’t allow to pick Lycanthropy gem (like it does with skulls for these spells) or it should convert them.


Hey, sorry about that, we’ve been fielding a lot of Lycanthropy reports and feedback and this one looked similar to another report.

I’ve reported this to the team for investigation. Thank you!


Sorry, but no, there are significant differences between Doomskulls as a subset of Skulls and Lycantropy gems as a subset of Purple gems:

  • Doomskulls can be removed from he board along with usual Skulls (Anubite Warrior, Zombie), while Lycantropy gems do not remove along with Purple gems (Alastair, Knight Coronet, all “chosen color removers”);
  • Doomskulls can be converted along with usual Skulls (Finley), but Lycantropy gems do not transform with Purple gems (Grave Seer, Mercy and others);
  • Doomskulls can be exploded along with usual Skulls (Carnex), but Lycantropy gems do not explode with Purple gems (Ragnagord).
  • Doomskulls can be destroyed along with usual Skulls (Ironjaw), but Lycantropy gems are not destroyed with Purple gems (Emperor Liang, Snowy Owl).

And Lycantropy gems make some good troops work worse, like already mentioned Grave Seer, Mercy and other gem transformers. That was not an issue with Doomskulls when they were added to the game.


Only people who have played the game will understand what you’re saying, and that’s a really unreasonable assumption to make about GOW devs.

Woohoo, thank you! :heart:

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The one thing I like about these new power gems is it lightly weakens converters, and improves generators, making the game more difficult. While I was frustrated at first by this change in situation, long term I like this better. It’ll be interesting to see what the board looks like when all 6 colors have such a gem.