Potion gems

After the Lycantrophy gems campaigns ends next week, we will have a campaign featuring Potion gems, as evidenced in spoilers for Troops.

There can be a Potion gem of each color, unlike Lycan which was always purple.

Does anybody know how the Potion gems work?

Uber doomskulls, lycan gems, potion gems, wildcard gems, …

  "3340": "This Skull is a more powerful Doomskull. It will deal 10 damage and explode a larger area on the board.",
  "3341": "This Gem will cause a random Enemy to be inflicted with Lycanthropy, potentially transforming them into a Beast.",
  "3342": "When matched, these Gems will create 7-11 Gems matching their potion color.",
  "3343": "This Gem can be matched with any Mana Gem. It will multiply Mana gained from the Gem match. Multiple Wild Card gems add their multipliers together. It cannot cause a Mana Surge.",
  "3344": "This Gem will cause all Enemies to be inflicted with Burning, dealing 3 damage each turn.",
  "3345": "This Gem will cause a random Enemy to be inflicted with Frozen, stopping its spells and mana from giving extra turns.",
  "3346": "This Gem can be matched with brown, blue, green or red gems. when matched gives 1 mana of each of the 4 colors, and destroys all gems in diagonals from the gem.",
  "3347": "Wish gem tutorial placeholder text",

So… a troop that causes the entire board to get filled with purple gems? Any attempt to explain to the devs why this might be considered somewhat excessive is likely a lost cause, right?


Anyone else running into issues since these potions started on xbox? For example, when the potion(s) explode at the very beginning before your turn starts, and all the matching and such finishes, then it’s your turn to start the match with the first move.

I’ve been noticing once that’s finished, the AI tries to make the first move, giving away it’s move, but the game stops it before it does and then I can go. While other times, the AI gets the first move without the opposing team having any effect on it to get the first move.

I’ve recorded several videos so far of this happening. Was curious if anyone else experienced it.

Any updates on this? Fairy Gobmother mythic apparently involves Wish Gems according to Tarans
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"3347": "This Gem has no mana color and cannot be matched, it needs to be exploded or destroyed. It gives full mana to 1 or more allies, or all allies and enemy troops.",

Thanks, sounds awful, and well in line with the anti-strategy, pro-RNG trend.
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Next up: This gem matches with everything, instantly ends the battle, and there’s a 95% chance that you’ll win (which means that the AI will win 50% of the time because RNG).