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Keeping special gems in rotation

Does anyone else think they should mix in the special gems, ones that were previously only featured in previous campaigns? Like the +10 doomskull, the lycanthropy gem, etc. It seems like after they were introduced in their respective campaigns, they’ve more or less disappeared it seems. The lycan shows up rarely if a troop has the transform trait.

I for one like the idea of all the different types of gems being in the mix. The flasks can be annoying when they work against you, but having all those different types of things to mix things up is good for the game, I think.

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Hard no on that.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But in all seriousness, having a “Lycanthropy Weekend” would be a good way to get people to stop playing for a weekend.

Anyway I think the current setup works fine. You want to play with lycanthropy? Make a team that uses it or fight one in PvP. I’ve seen a few Werestag teams that bring back the lycanthropy experience in full force.

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Would become really messy and irritating if previous Heroic gems could still randomly appear.

Especially since the first 2 campaign ones are still broken…


Well I just mean, for them to appear randomly sometimes. Like how doomskulls are somewhat rare and random. I’m not saying the field should be littered with them.

Oh my God … You’re right. The only one that wasn’t broken was Uber Skulls and they haven’t been featured in the campaign yet.

Somehow, someway… They’ll find a way to break it by then.



They’re trying to figure out a way to break them before giving them to us. Obviously.

Doomskulls aren’t very rare; you’ve got an entire kingdom (Dhrak-Zum) built around them plus strong units from other lands who produce them.

I’m in a very small minority, here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Lycanthropy gems return in small numbers at times other than when I run into troops that create them during Explore mode. The same with potion gems once this campaign ends. But only if the developers can work the bugs, er, special design features out of the system first.

Because I doubt we’ll see them a whole heck of a lot otherwise, maybe just in World Events on occasion. None of the troops that create Lycanthropy or potion gems are wonderful enough that I’d anticipate seeing them in things like PvP, and I’m probably just waiting in vain if I have any expectations that we’ll see new batch of “delve” rooms that feature some of the many troops that have dropped since the last batch of updates.

Uber-Doom Skulls, however, are very rare. I actually enjoyed those for the short time they were available and wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

true on that, I like Uber Doom skulls
and potions too if they dont bug out and give the opponent the first turn

It would be fine if there was a “deliberate” mechanic to give the AI the first move. If it was a known quantity, properly justified and balanced and all that stuff we never see. (So don’t do it, basically.)

Not fine if its a randomly introduced bug made of pure nonsense. Which is what we have now.


Needs to be removed from the game. It’s fine as a spell and maybe a trait but should NEVER be a gem on the board and NEVER be called a negative status effect.

The potions are fine if they actually work but I think they should be limited to certain modes. In GW and events if the enemy randomly gets a potion gem to fill the whole team it can mean a good chance at a win is a certain loss and there is nothing you can do about it. GW is hard enough being resticted to a certain colour troop and empowered converters throws away strategy and makes a win or loss just down to luck. Events are hard enough with troop restrictions and the enemy having 10x the stats you do.

Uber doomskulls are fine too but them and regular doomskulls need to be removed from the arena. An extra 5 damage from skulls is a pretty big thing when troop stats are so low.