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Lycanthropy Gems look too much like Skull Gems

Don’t get me wrong, they’re gorgeous-looking – it’s one of the few good things about them.

In the history of Gems, though, we’ve only ever had circular Gems, skull-shaped Gems (incl. Holiday Gems and Doomskulls), and the square Stone Blocks.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself conditioned to see all non-circular, non-square Gems as matchable.

I look at the following image, and I’m more drawn to see the bottom Doomskull as matchable than the Purple Gems (with the Lycanthropy one):

Tbh, it gets a lot messier than that, and there are much better examples.

It would be great if the Lycanthropy Gems actually had some kind of circle around them, to make a board smattered with a mix of Skulls/Doomskulls and Lyc. Gems less confusing.

If necessary, maybe a brief, little, dull flash around the Gem as it’s changed from Purple to Lycanthropy could be added to highlight it, so it won’t be missed.


I have on more than one occasion tried to “match heads” by swapping lycanthropy gems into positions next to skulls, doomskulls, uberskulls…

…and every. Single. Time. I have both felt

  1. like an idiot
  2. like these gems would have been better implemented as skulls than purple mana gems

Oh gosh I am not alone! :rofl:

The first time I saw it, I immediately tried to match with skulls. Thought my game was broken. …I even knew it was supposed to be purple gems but in the moment, forgot. Whoops.

Next time guess what, I was like… Why is this not matching with skulls?! …oh. right. Purple. :rofl:


Reminds me of the time after playing PQ3, I’d try to be doing diagonal matches, or 3-4 different matches in the same turn, in GoW. :rofl:

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OTOH though that would make lyco gems less visually distinct from the purple gems, so less easy to spot them quickly when they do appear.

(For me the visual cue is white = skull; I get thrown off by some of the holiday skulls that add color to the skull design, especially the St. Patrick’s Day one that adds a lot of green.)

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I keep trying to match with skulls too! Both are faces. It’s a good graphic but very much looks like it should match with skulls.


Maybe it’s just me, but i’m skipping the graphic, i’m matching colors…

skulls are white
lycanthropy gems are purple… so not an issue here :man_shrugging:

but I can see like other people might have problems…


They don’t cause me visual issues either.

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If they had made them so they could be matched with either purple gems or with skulls that would have been more interesting… maybe interesting enough to make dealing with lycanthropy worthwhile… nah.

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Agreed!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I agree i try to match the face with the face. Very annoying but so is lycanthropy in general