[Not a Bug] Need 500 Dragonite refunded please

A word on feedback. Apologies for being direct here, it feels like the mounting frustration isn’t even remotely being understood yet.

“Plans” is something the community has learned the hard way to dread. It usually means that a controversial topic will get shelved for a very long time, then receive a surprise rework that puts it in an even worse state than before. I wouldn’t be surprised if those “plans” were to involve adding yet another 6 dragons to the Gem Egg pool, making the experience of obtaining them all exponentially more awful.

If you really plan (and not just “plan”) to change something, please communicate about it now and keep talking. 500 dragonite (aka 2500 gems) is a LOT of potential real money for a single gambling attempt that is highly likely to be a blank, especially for a game rated 12+. If there is any chance for this to get addressed (which it absolutely should) within the next few weeks (which is way longer than it has any right to be), caution players to hold off on gambling. Some have already pulled the same dragon three times, they’ll be back for more punishment, they’d probably murder any dev on sight if it turned out they wasted their resources due to lack of timely communication.

Which begs the question, what is the intention here? Was there some feedback review about how obtaining missing tarot cards couldn’t possibly have been made more awful and some designer said “hold my beer”?



Unbelievable, I have an Amethyst and I will see if there comes a second dragon coz I dont like this way!

I like to play for good resource, troops, weapons but not to spend daily 300 gems for 60 dragonite and then not even the chance on the 6 different and yeah there are few people who has the master luck and have 3 without any double, but my luck is not so great and I still prefer team above personal progress so my guild get my gems for the team events where we work together to a goal and get rewards and yeah as long term player you dont need the rewards so much.

I like the team events the most in this game and the develop team can then make another path to earn more on their players, but Im not a sheep and dont need to have what everyone else have!

But its for me not to understand that this is just how it is meant success all who want 6 different dragon’s.

Just because it isn’t a bug DOESN’T mean that it’s good design, because it certainly isn’t.

If your explanation for allowing duplicates is “some people may want multiple copies”, then PLEASE at least put the Guild Guardians rule in place where a troop at mythic rarity with 4 copies owned cannot drop from eggs (unless a player already has 4+ copies of all 6 Dragons).

I would of course still prefer to be able to target specific Dragons, but if that isn’t going to happen then at least my Guild Guardians rule suggestion, while still not ideal, would at least limit the amount of bad egg luck one can have before being guaranteed to get all 6 Dragons.


I just don’t think they have any idea what’s to come from players. A rage we have never witnessed before on the boards, that’s for sure. One can go forever to try finding the 5th dragon, imagine the 6th…

You talk then over with the bad luck 21 eggs before you get the last 1 the 6th dragon…

21 x 500 dragonite to get the 6 dragons complete, its insane imho!

If people want troops 4 times I would say place them in the soul forge rotation then can people decide if they want a second or so much as they want… but dont let all players bleed for this ridiculous way of getting the 6 different dragon troops complete!

Having to craft a maximum of 21 eggs to get all 6 seems like a better solution than a possibly infinite number? :thinking:

Can’t imagine devs making any changes to the system now though :frowning_face:


As I said before, being able to pick and choose which Dragon to craft would be most ideal. However, it’s looking highly unlikely that will be possible anytime soon. Maybe not ever.

While I do acknowledge that the possibility of having to craft 21 eggs to get all 6 Dragons is still very frustrating, there will be some unlucky players that could craft 30-40 or more eggs and still not have the full set if nothing is done about it. That’s why I brought up the Guild Guardian rule suggestion, as that might have a better chance of being implemented than being allowed to pick and choose which Dragon to craft.


Madd is right…I see a lot of people and content creators focusing on the 15 average, and maybe saying 20 plus…but the truth is there will be many players that will take over 50 eggs. It is going to happen.

This game had a system in place to reward long term play for players that were unlucky. No matter how unlucky you were you were going to get troops you wanted over time.

Now we have 6 dragons and a horde mythic that is down to luck…and the fact that more people are not upset about this is a surprise to me.


You can be sure they know how painful it is, working as intended!

The outrage will increase as more players get dupe dragons. The devs won’t do anything unless there is outcry like when they took firestorm from sunspear class.

If you look at how many individual players have actually complained in these threads, it’s a very small, if very vocal, group. The silent majority of players just keeps playing, knowing full well that this game has always been about RNG.


Make it so that when you have 4 copies of a mythic dragon , they disappear from the drop pool , making the maximum number of eggs you need is 24 to collect all dragon mythics . It remains RNG but with a bit of security built in.


This has already been suggested several times in this thread and besides the minimum amount of eggs you need to get at least one of each dragons is 21 in that case.

I personally like the idea of offering a MUCH higher cost color specific dragon egg so when we get down to the final 1 or 2, we could save and target the dragon we wanted. Maybe make it 3000 dragonite or something.


Great idea mate.

This could easily take over a 100 eggs for some unlucky souls out there. I wonder how many will quit long before that?

Third egg = DUPLICATE

Three guildies got duplicate dragons from their third egg this morning - and those are just the ones who posted !

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Just giving you the numbers:

Gettin a duplicate with X different dragons

0 dragons: 0/6 = 0%
1 dragon: 1/6 ~ 16.7%
2 dragons: 2/6 ~ 33.3%
3 dragons: 3/6 = 50%
4 dragons: 4/6 ~ 66.7%
5 dragons: 5/6 ~ 83.3%
6 dragons: 6/6 = 100%

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If your hero is maxed on classes, a simple approach of Marilith, double Emeraldrim and Leprechaun will be very fast on E12 atleast. Even just a single dragon and hero up top can slaughter very rapidly. Marilith benefits from Emeraldrim’s or Rubirath’s storm massively. :wink:


After contemplating my duplicate dragon this morning from a third egg.

I see these dragons pitched towards end gamers as they are gating kingdom progression.
Zuul was originally pitched towards end gamers and it took me a VERY long time to collect the resources to make my Zuul back in the day. This was long before the gnome poop-a-losers event which makes these resources much more quickly available from vault keys.
Current stocks = blue orb 97, big blue orb 40, orb of power 16 and nothing to spend them on :rofl::rofl:

At least we can reliably crack open an egg a week and hope for our preferred dragon :smile:

Hey ho !