[Not a Bug] Need 500 Dragonite refunded please


2nd egg opened today. Was a duplicate of only one I already have.

Need 500 dragonite refunded as terrible game design is not my fault and my dragonite, funded by gems, was wasted.


This is a system completely different than normal crafting in this game…random. It’s a broken system…beyond frustrating. It is NOT the path I want this game to take. We already deal with random in every part of this game…but the one part that always felt good is you could work towards any troop you wanted. Not anymore. First was the horde mythic…a random on top of random on top of random…with no other way to get. Now we have 7 new troops …that is resource…crafting…and random …NOPE…

Everyone keeps focusing on the Dragonite …and we got a little cookie saying they were working on it .but that is not the problem. Let me repeat that is not the problem. The problem is duplicates in crafting .the one area we had some stability…gone…


And just to add in case someone missed it…you will take on average 14.7 eggs to get the 6 troops…Half of us will take more. Statistically a lot of you will take over 30…30 eggs. This is so bad and I really feel more should be focused on this and NOT the slow Dragonite …heck triple the daily Dragonite abd this random craft is still a problem


just don’t spend gems on dragonite. Every week or two you’ll get a pile of it for free if you do your daily dungeon (10% chance of perfect run = 8+ dragonite per day for free over the long-term).

Completely unacceptable for there to be dupes in these dragon eggs considering the agony it takes to get dragonite currently. Shills/excuse makers should realize that not everybody spends gems on this every day and this just adds even more time and frustration to an already poorly thought through system.


We all wish we had time machines.

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I’m terrified to craft a 2nd egg.


It’s the nature of all gacha-games. As I mentioned before, this concept has been present in the form of treasure chests from the very beginning onwards. And it has been carried on by chaos shards. Dragonite is merely the new name for something, we already were familiar with.

Gambling mechanics are a core mechanism for ripoff-schemes like this, and if it took you until now to notice, you were able to blank out a lot.

I’ve done dungeons every day since the update and never gotten a perfect run. RNG and RNG.


Yes that’s expected from chests but not in the Soulforge. You were able to target specific troops or weapons. There’s some RNG involved with troop / kingdom rotations, but you knew what you were getting when you spent the resources. Now that’s no longer true.

EDIT: Oh, wait this was present in Summoning Stones … but those also aren’t great. If you’re looking for specific troop from those, you’re probably new and don’t have the resources to spare.

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Not compared to “Summoning Stones” it isn’t; the sole difference is the availability of the required crafting materials to begin with.

Another good point to compare/contrast might be the Guild Guardians. They are dropped 50% of the time from Guild Chests until you have all 12 maxed out (which, without using Orbs of Ascension, is a total of … 2292 drops, aka. absolute minimum of 4584 Lv.1 Guild Chests) but I do not know the specifics of how this works internally.

Me, I rather like the idea that maybe they should add recipes for each individual Gem Dragon. They can keep the Gem Dragon Egg as an option, but with reduced material requirements compared to crafting the specific Dragons directly. Say, 300 Dragonite for the Egg and 500 Dragonite (plus 100 colored Jewels and whatever, or maybe 100 each of the Dragon’s three Mana colors) for a specific Dragon.


Since a couple of months, the soulforge allows you to craft Orbs of Chaos. Haven’t heard complaints about that yet.

And I’ve had 3. It’s only been a few weeks. Over the long run I’m sure it’ll level out for everyone.

I’d really like to know if anyone’s actually crafted one of those, ever.


Well, given how all it takes (that couldn’t be hoarded ahead of time) is Cursed Runes? That’s basically one Gnome-A-Palooza.

I agree. Please refund. @Kafka


So refund for everyone that receives this glitch as well?
Then 505 games will raise amount for any purchases, from now on.

I agree with the complaints here. We really should be given the option to bypass egg RNG and craft specific dragons, even if it comes at a higher resource cost.


I feel like when purchases are made in game with real money. The devs should allow a 50% chance for us to attain the item for free. Since they are such fans of RNG and all.


If the devs are willing to give, that is terrific. As long it is for anyone that receives this glitch.
Though, 505 games is owned by Digital Bros. their stocks are getting lower by each trading day. Then if one person receives attention so should all with this glitch if it happens. Don’t care what you think of me or this opinion. Though the fact is, this continued help, will not help others in the future or the owners. To sum this up, move on.