[Not a Bug] Need 500 Dragonite refunded please

Working as intended…still gathering data…we have plans to give more ways to get Dragonite so you can get your 7th copy of the same duplicate dragon…

Pick your response …if there is a response

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What I will never understand is the idea that frustrating players is a good strategy to keep them interested.

Are people really such suckers for punishment that this works?


sadly, some of them are

Every Gems of War update, no matter the content, has been liked by one or more people so far.


Just because you are frustrated doesn’t make dungeons a bad design. And why are you so much in a hurry to acquire premium troops? Are all your kingdoms at level 20? Its going to take years before acquiring these troops become relevant. Same goes with doom weapons. As far as design goes, I been farming dungeon daily since it came out day 1. Now I get a chance to score some dragonite. I can care less if I get a perfect run or not. Once I save 25k gems, then I will splurge 5k into dragonite. I will save about 10 eggs before I start opening them up, perhaps next year. I already got 17 to 22 troops to gold elite in every kingdom, so I can slow down and take it easy. And these dumb solutions are a waste of time, just like me writing this for everyone to read.


Where were all these complaints, when delves were introduced, with their triple random effect (How much multiplier do you receive on your chests, what chest level do you reach, and what will be ultimately in the chest?)

If the team actually ends up with the insane idea, that they have to refund everybody who has gotten a duplicate dragon, I do want chaos shard refunds on every delve troop, that I found beyond mythic as well.

I don’t think that comparison works.


Very discouraging. Maybe at least go along the lines of dungeon color day where depending on the day of the week that you open the egg it will guarantee that day’s color dragon?

I’m also realizing this week that these dragons will indirectly start to block moving up kingdom power levels.

I’m going to say it again…the main issue is the random egg craft…I am NOT in a hurry to get all the troops. I don’t care if it took 2 years to get them. I do care about a crafting system that will take some people 40 plus eggs to get all troops…it’s a random nature added to a crafting system that up until now rewarded long term play…


Every egg would cost around 200 dollars, right?

They make it so you don’t get anything at all the other 50%, which would happen 90% of the time. :smirk:


You had three runs in a delve per day, each fight can give a small amount of shards and the final chest can give a decent amount of shards fairly regularly. The daily delves basically guarantee at least 1 portal open a day.

The dungeon gives you 3 fights total, with no amount of dragonite per fight and a 10% chance of some dragonite. You need 5+ perfect runs for enough dragonite to open a single egg… Or you can spend real money on gems to purchase dragonite, which is probably the actual aim on this.

Now, I don’t actually mind the dragonite mechanics because I haven’t got literally everything in the game yet and assuming 10% perfect runs, I should be able to open an egg once every 2 months; which is about how often I get guaranteed mythics with diamonds… But I completely understand the frustration - especially when the rework of the dungeon itself is so lacklustre.


Have you heard anything back from the support team to your request, or has it been radio silence? Seeing as how the only response I’ve seen the last week to the avalanche of feedback is, “We are taking notes and passing on the feedback” I’m interested to see how they respond to a ticket you submitted.

The random egg has been radio silence so far. The focus, as I feared, was on the dragonite. They already had plans to add more ways of getting dragonite, and they can spin it as a positive and again it does not solve the random egg issue in the game.


@Stratelier has the best idea so far.
they should add recipes for each individual Gem Dragon. They can keep the Gem Dragon Egg as an option, but with reduced material requirements compared to crafting the specific Dragons directly. Say, 300 Dragonite for the Egg and 500 Dragonite (plus 100 colored Jewels and whatever, or maybe 100 each of the Dragon’s three Mana colors) for a specific Dragon.


That is too cheap…remember they want long term players to have a gem dump and keep them playing another year…keep the current 500 cost of the egg…1500 Dragonite to craft the one you want …don’t change the current pace of getting Dragonite …

They are not going to make it so that players can get all these troops in 6 months


Another fix would be to make it so that all random mythic drops would not duplicate a card you already have 4 of (literally the same thing they do for guild guardians). This would prevent you from getting a 5th copy of a mythic from an event key instead of the mythic you don’t have from a Kingdom, and it would set a hard maximum of 21 eggs to complete the set. You could still have long odds, but at least every single crafted dragon would bring you closer to completion.


That’s another one that’s good to point out. I assume there were some complaints about it, but they were buried among the general complaints about Cursed Gnomes and Cursed Runes. I don’t think I commented about it then, but I had negative feelings about that entire update.

No offense OP, but this is intentional. RNG in a gatcha game, it’s bound to happen.

I also got a duplicate on the second egg. I want to hear from others what they got from the second egg just to have an idea how that is really working.

It’s completely random.

I got green, then brown.

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