[Not a Bug] Need 500 Dragonite refunded please

Its blatantly obvious that the devs want more RNG in the game and the trend is escalating. We have all these new hero gems which can backfire colossally, horde mimic and now this. There will be no uturns and that’s all there is to it. Being frustrated is understandable but it’s not something that will bother you if you change your mindset from one of grind expectancy (and thus disappointment) to not giving it any thought at all. FOMO is the enemy and people who have them will throw gems at eggs in an attempt to stay at the edge. You either have to accept and live with the new game direction or consider a different publication. Its still dungeons with a random cherry on top. Many will stay despite their protestations and others might go elsewhere. Our guild has lost players since this began and they haven’t gone elsewhere.


Green and Green :joy:

Duplicate right off the bat? dang!

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It’s lol yeah. :grinning:

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Have you built a team with two of them? I’m wondering if this is feasible as the stats gain should be pretty significant. Just wondering if you can get it rolling.

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Heh, well it’s not strictly “my” idea, the good ones get echoed around between users.

Alternative idea: What if, after clearing the 3rd boss, all unopened doors are revealed and you get a reward for each unopened Trap room? (And if the altar room was also unopened, it can give rewards too. Like perhaps a guaranteed stairs to increase the dungeon level or something)

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You can test something similar with 2x Emperinazara. Those kinds of teams can snowball fast, provided you can run a 2 troop team that benefits from magic. Or in this case 2 generators that can reapply the matching storm and 2 dragons


Bonjour il semble que nous sommes nombreux dans le même cas car j’ai eu deux dragons rouges.

Thanks, maybe because of the nature of the topic, I see 4 people with duplicates in second egg and only you with different ones. I’m asking because someone told they don’t know how to program randomness properly.

Gray King, too. But I haven’t used him in awhile.

Well… I got two perfect runs in a row, both had the exact same pattern. Could be coincidence but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen the same patterns more often than I should have.

Got my third dragon today, now I have green, brown, and yellow.

I fully expect a dupe next egg.


Dragons Eye

Works fab. It’s different to the usual Beetrix as no brown for Eye.

Dragonguard +1 Magic / 4/5 matches, banishment +2 magic on board full of green, so lots of scaling to Veno.

I think you could maybe use yellow exploder, scythe face maybe or wait for yellow/brown exploder.

Ofc you can use any hero without storms on, Dervish/Elementalist, Frostmage, Tidecaller etc. Dervish I’ve used a fair bit with above team, lightning strike always good.

As for two, I have tried Veno/Lep/2x Dragons. It’s okay.

Piscea/Emeraldrin combo is fabulous too. Generally they always fill each other after cast, sometimes loop.

I have ran this, which seems odd, but works.

Glaive (Dervish) (Dragonguard if you want more magic) or any hero with storm off/lightning strike. Don’t use Elementalist, no extra attack on Piscea and why Dervish with hunt is great.

The reapplication of green storm from Glaive is cool. You play it a bit gung ho, get a devour just recast Glaive no need full alignments, a 3 match will do and explode giant gems next to doom skulls. With hunt, Piscea will 1 hit troops not immune. The entangle will bail you from skulls against.

I’ve run a lot of Piscea teams with Dervish, usually leave the brown storm on, but green storm on dragons is so nice for looping, then popping again with Glaive.

You could use thrall but I like Trident Banner.

If using Thrall could use Archmagus with Trident banner - take doomstorm off. Or go with Tidecaller and purple/green banner.

I think it’s feasible to run 2x green dragon and drop hero in that. Just no explosions.

I will have a tinker around with Piscea/Emeraldrin combos, we could use a yellow thrall like troop like yesterday, but alas.


I got my 3d egg and got a duplicate amethilas,

1 Amethialas
2 Shaphirax
3 Amethials

Not happy…


Piscea rocks. Double devour never fails to raise a grin.


Hey everyone!

Thank you for the discussion and feedback that you’ve all provided on this. We can confirm that this isn’t a bug.

When crafting a Gem Dragon egg, each Dragon has the same chance to be created but if you have already crafted one of them, this does not prevent you from being able to craft a second.

This feedback has been passed onto the team and we do have plans for these Gem Dragons in the future! But this is working as intended currently.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Dungeon crafting rewards literally exist because the Goddather of the game understood how maddening it was to rely on RNG to complete your troop collection.

This intended mechanic completely spits on the original mechanic. I know Sirrian isn’t dead. But he abandoned the community years ago and clearly has abandoned the game as well for his new venture. Relying on a slot machine fueled by expensive currency and scratch off type fundamentals is an abomination to his legacy.

Hopefully you still have players and developers left for your “future plans”.
When you start charging people just to see the sunrise. It becomes rather difficult to see the light.


Duplicate Amethials for me too. I doubt the Devs have any idea how painful it is.


Im not gonna craft more eggs simple as that.


Any chance to get more specific information on what exactly are the “plans for these Gem Dragons”? Is it foreseen to have other ways to get dragonite or will dragonite costs be reduced or will there even be a way to avoid double, triple… drops of dragons from the random egg crafting system? If the latter is the case and you communicate that too late, you will have complaints from anyone who wasted dragonite on a duplicate of any dragon up to then. And intensity (and maybe also rudeness) of complaints will exponentially increase with the number of duplicates a specific player has gathered up to then. Just telling you in advance…

And also another comment on the famous last sentence, “working as intended”. So, there will be the very lucky 1.5% among all players, that just craft 6 eggs, get all 6 different dragons and are done. They will spend exactly 3000 dragonite on crafting eggs and assuming, that all dragonite is bought with gems in the dungeon, this means an amount of 15K gems. Then there will be other ones, maybe we call them “less fortunate”, that craft 18 eggs and still have only 4 or 5 dragons, lots of duplicates, but they are still waiting to complete their collection of dragons. So those players have then spent 45K gems and STILL aren´t finished. Oh, and by the way, with an average number of 14.7 eggs to get all dragons, the number of players not done with 18 eggs will be not really low. I was always wondering, if someone in the dev-team is checking numbers like this, weighing the consequences for reality, when new features are brought into the game. I just hope, no one does, because if something like this with all consequences implied is REALLY intended… well, the only thing comming to my mind, that is polite enough to write it here is: your intentions then are just very, very evil.


Odds are ridiculously absurd! As of last night on PS; only 0.04 percent of users even got one egg (trophy). I bought first egg. No more gems. Still waiting for first “perfect RNG”…